4 Ways to Win at Instagram with Dash Hudson's Scheduler

If your job involves Instagram, then the following things likely haunt you: running out of content and not having enough time to do multiple posts throughout the day, and often into the evening. We totally get it, it's a tough life. But it doesn't have to be.

We're about to enlighten you with how Dash Hudson’s Scheduler functionality can make your job so much easier, and by that we mean making your dreams of multiple high quality posts per day a part of your reality.

Take heed.

No shade with the Scheduler game. Source: @nastygal Instagram

Lend An Ear Over Here

One of the biggest quandaries that brands have is when to post for optimal engagement. You want to know the truth and nothing but the truth? There is an increasing number of marketers on Instagram, and therefore an increasingly small timeframe to capture the customer’s intent. Which means that if you’re looking to make Instagram a sales channel, it’s time to step up your posting game and focus not only on when to post, but also on your posting frequency.

Let’s quickly chat current social engagement stats that make the Instagram galaxy go 'round. In the world of fashion, especially with luxury brands, the relationship between post volume and engagement is slightly positive. According to research, around 90% of social engagement occurs within 10 hours of posting, so theoretically, brands looking to capture customer intent should be posting at minimum between 2-3 times per day. And this minimum is low when you consider that some brands are posting up to 20 times per day in the case of special events.

But when? Some suggest that posting in the morning will allow for less competition, however, the debate is ongoing and very real, even for regular 'grammers. But the fact remains that many brands these days are selling globally, and Instagram serves as that conduit. While there are no barriers in terms of the number of people they can reach, there are time zones, which means that posting frequency plays more into social engagement than the time of day they are publishing.

Increasing your posting frequency can come with obvious challenges, and we hear your plight. You very well know that the quality of your posts is key for engagement, which begs the question: how to maintain quality while upping the volume? Answer: scheduling. Think of it as your lifeline.

Clearly, posting in real time remains appropriate, especially in the case of timely content. We're talking about all of the day-to-day in between stuff. Life will become immensely easier once you've created or curated a lineup of beautiful and relevant content, ready to go at any time.

Let's break down 4 ways Dash Hudson’s Scheduler is helping brands to increase posting frequency while keeping up with the kuality.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

1. Source and then store top UGC for reposting.

Through Dash Hudson’s premium UGC tools, brands are able to quickly source the top posts that they’ve been tagged or @ mentioned in, based on reach and engagement. We save you time by doing the curation for you. You can directly store any of this content to your reserve, aka the unscheduled posts within the scheduler.

Translation: beautiful and relevant content that is ready to go at any time with the click of a button. Bam. Not to mention that repurposing UGC is a great way to engage back with your audience; it incentivizes it to continue to tag you in posts.

*Pro Tip: Understand what type of content your audience is most engaged with before selecting a post to repurpose. Tools like Dash Hudson’s Boards can help with this.

The UGC tab in the Dash Hudson platform reveals the top posts in which your brand has been tagged in based on reach and engagement.

Ballons were a huge V-day trend. Keepin' it going by adding the piece of UGC to the scheduler with one click.

Simply click the post that you would like to store and then select 'Schedule'. From here, you have the option to edit the caption, add a shoppable link (we’ll get to that in a sec), and then either save to add to your reserve of 'Unscheduled Posts' or directly schedule the post by selecting the specific date and time you want it to go live.

2. Visually preview overall content before publishing.

Quality isn’t only an important factor for individual photos, it’s important for your overall gallery, homie! The first thing that users notice when they reach it is not just one photo, but the overall aesthetic of your grid. Gotta ensure those photos you’re posting flow together to guarantee they'll hit follow.

Dash Hudson’s Scheduler enables brands to get an ensemble view of their posts by week or month to assess whether or not they all work together, whether that's from repurposed UGC, original content or regrams. Got pics to schedule or store that weren't UGC foraged by the Dash Hudson tool? Images can be uploaded through desktop or our mobile app.

Store any of the abovementioned and then draw from stunning content when you're good to go.

Hello bank of quality content at the ready!

3. Realize the full potential of shoppable and content associated posts.

If your goal on Instagram is sales or directing users to specific content, this one's for you. Using our awesome LikeShop or LikeRead tool in tandem with the Scheduler is super easy and lets you capitalize on those precious moments where engagement is at an all-time high the minutes following a post.

When redirecting your followers to any destination through your posts with the help of your link in bio, it’s very important that the destination links already be attached to your photos prior to them going live. This way, they're active the instant they're published. When scheduling your photo, simply paste your link into the designated box and save the photo as you normally would. There's never a need to go through the backend after posts are live.

Once your photo is uploaded, add the LikeShop or LikeRead link before you save it and it will be active as soon as your post goes live.

@vanityfair directs customers to their articles through CTAs that can be pre-scheduled to capture their audience's full intent.

*Bonus: Track the performance of your LikeShop or LikeRead posts after they've gone live inside of the platform. We’ll show you clicks, views, and of course, your CTR.

4. Post quickly and efficiently.

Sorry to break it to you, but Instagram’s still got a say. Regulations state that we are not able to automate posting, which means that at the end of the day, a human still has to tap to publish.


We can get you through just about all the steps leading up until you have to hit share. It's as simple as downloading the Dash Hudson for Brands mobile app and logging in with your account. When it’s time to post, we’ll send you a push notification and from here you can post directly to your feed, caption saved to clipboard and all.

All you have to do is hit Post Now and the caption gets pasted to your clipboard, while your LikeShop or LikeRead me becomes active within your photo. Share and you're done.

These are the ways in which the Dash Hudson Scheduler tool can make your Instagram life go from bland to glam. #Goalz, amiright?

Get in touch with us if you're looking to raise your Instagram bar. We got you covered.