5 Killer Tips for Choosing the Right Instagrammer for Your Campaign

Apr 11, 2015

Hey hey. For those of you thinking about running an Instagram influencer campaign, the team and I put our heads together to distill down the top 5 killer tips for choosing the right people to work with. We've run over 300 campaigns, and learned a ton of useful things along the way. Hope you find this helpful.

Olivia is a triple threat. An amazing creator, a professional, and nice. Source: Instagram

Killer Tip #1: Think About Who Your 'Guy' or 'Girl' Is

One of the things that can be uncomfortable for brands wading into the world of Instagram influencer marketing, is placing creative control in the hands of someone else. We all want to protect our brand, and ensure our products are presented in their best light.

It's imperative, therefore, that you choose an Instagrammer whose personality and visual style fits well with your brand. Think about who your 'guy' or 'girl' is; ie. that Instagrammer that you follow and who you think is the perfect fit. You can then think about finding people who are like them, and move forward with confidence that they will enhance your brand, and communicate it in the right way.

Killer Tip #2: Look for a Combination of Visual Style and Audience

It's easy to become too focused on either visual style (how the Instagrammer's account looks) or audience (the size of that Instagrammer's following). Try not to over-index on either of these, but also don't settle.

There are some GORGEOUS accounts that have very small followings. While they may be a great fit for your brand, they won't get you much bang for buck. An even more egregious mistake is focusing too much on audience size. There are lots of questionable accounts on Insta with large audiences. Leave those accounts to the body scrub and skinny tea promos.

Focus on finding a combination of strong visual style / curation and audience size.

Rima combines incredible curation with a highly engaged audience. She's awesome. Source: Instagram

Killer Tip #3: Finding Great Instagrammers is Hard. Let Someone Help

Searching for the right person to work with on an Instagram campaign can be very time consuming without the right tools. Instagram doesn't enable contextual search, and hashtags are often polluted with low quality content. At Dash Hudson, we built a tool that allows us to do contextual search, to narrow the field and find the right people based on specific criteria.

Killer Tip #4: There's an Ocean of Amazing Creators. Use Them!

Aside from the well known bloggers, celebs, and models, there is an ocean of high quality Instagrammers out there to work with. Yes, campaigns should be anchored by Instagrammers with high levels of influence, but think beyond the well known and work with other lesser known creators. You'll be amazed by the quality of the content and the results you can get.

Mary may not be well known, but she has incredible style and an amazing audience. She's also one of the sweetest, most responsive people we've worked with. Source: Instagram

Killer Tip #5: Find Influencers Who Love Your Brand

A surefire way to get an influencer to genuinely communicate your brand to their followers, is to find someone who already loves your brand and fits with your brand lifestyle. The more they love your brand, the more it will show itself in their work.

Bonus Tip: Show Some Love

We all know we get out of something what we put into it, so when you engage an influencer be sure to show them love by liking and commenting on their posts and following them on Instagram and other channels. They'll be sure to thank you back.

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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson