6 Easy Ways to Build A Snapchat Following

snapchat Jul 07, 2016

The time has arrived: you need to grow your Snapchat audience. There are a few easy hacks that smart marketers will put in practice to do so, and we're spilling the beans.

Must be your lucky day (consider picking up a Power Ball ticket, too).

![Snapchat audience growth build a following](/content/images/2016/06/Snapchat-grow-audience.jpg)Get them followers added!

You've heard it so many times that you're almost ready to kill the next person to utter the words (don't let it be me!): Snapchat cometh is here.

Not only for individual use, but for brands who are pressingly trying to reach the elusive outsmart-the-marketer millennial. Problem is, the platform has been unnerving for a lot of companies. They know and feel like they should hop on the bandwagon, but are simply at a loss as to how to integrate it as a part of their marketing arsenal. It's not an easy feat, but we got you covered.

Once you've familiarized yourself with how your business should utilize the very unique social channel, what good is it if there's no audience to take in all the great content you're producing? With no organic discovery inside the Snapchat app, marketers need to roll up their sleeves and put a little elbow grease into this one.

Lucky duck, we've done all the hard work for you: here are 6 easy hacks to start building your Snapchat following.

1. Influencer Takeovers
This used to be a popular practice on Instagram before galleries started trending towards the more curated. But they are perfect for Snapchat, where editing is impossible, and on the fly, casual content is what wins. Commissioning an influencer with a substantial following who aligns with your brand image to take over your account means that you'll also gain access to their audience. Cha-ching!

![Happy Socks Snapchat call-to-action on instagram](/content/images/2016/06/Happy-socks-Snapchat-CTA-1.jpg)The folks over at Happy Socks have a super fun and active Snapchat account and always make sure to remind their highly engaged Instagram followers to go check out their Snap Stories.

2. Call-To-Actions
We live in a social (media) world and you are a social (media) girl. Or something like that. It boils down to this: do not underestimate the power of a widespread fire! The more you mention your Snapchat endeavors on multiple channels, the more exposure they will get. Put up teaser images on your Instagram and caption the post with a call-to-action aimed to get your followers to add you on Snap to see the rest. This works really well, trust.

3. Account Bios
Basically make it really, really easy for people to find out if you have a Snapchat account. Add your user name to all your other social channel profiles to make it as painless and seamless as possible for any potential member of your community.

4. Email Signature
Is your brand's website in your email signature under your job title, along with your Twitter and Instagram handles? Time to add Snapchat to that mix.

5. YouTube Uploads
Does your brand have an active YouTube channel? Then this is the perfect place to put your Stories on display if they warrant an additional (more permanent) stage. And, action!

6. Profile Pics Snapcode
Let your other social channels be messengers by temporarily using your Snapcode in lieu of your regular profile image. It's a sure way make your community aware of the fact that you're also active on Snapchat and to get it to follow your operations there as well.

![Snapcode Instagram profile pic to build a Snapchat audience](/content/images/2016/06/harper-s-bazaar-spain-snapcode-instagram.jpg)The Harper's Bazaar Spain Instagram account is using their Snapcode as their profile pic in an effort to prompt their followers to add them on Snapchat.

Let us know what's worked for you in the comments below, or tweet at us!

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