6 Types of Shots That Crush on Instagram

Sure, the beautifully crisp blogger street style photos featuring Céline & friends are always winners, much like the super fit babe captured on a sprawling white sand beach under a palm tree. No access to either of those things? No problem. Dash Hudson knows how to get you the good stuff.

The ins and outs of building a great Instagram feed can be quite elusive indeed. The mechanics depend on multiple variables, notably what industry you’re in, what your brand stands for, what you want your message to be, and last but ever so not least, who your audience is.

If you’re in the fashion/style/lifestyle game, you’ve probably noticed a lot of growing image composition trends that have not only become ubiquitous, but that also get your followers to double tap time and time again, and again, and again.

Two very high-performing photos featured on the @DashHudson Instagram.

In a perfect Intagram world, feeds would be grids comprised of endless amounts of photos that perfectly harmonize relatable and aspirational. And here's a secret I'm going to let you in on: there happens to be certain types of shots that inexplicably captivate style audiences, that draw them in like bees to honey. Once implemented, your followers will become willing pawns in a visual content strategy.

The best part about what lies below is that none of these images require heavy lifting: you don’t need a professional photographer, you don’t need a DSLR, not even a selfie stick. The suggested accoutrements are lots of denim (the more distressed, the better), crop tops or loose tees and knits. Oh! And fashion sneakers.

So, if you’re trying to up your gallery game and garner more hearts – and let’s face it, the ‘Gram is a real life game of likes – these examples will have your followers hook, line and sinker. Read on and test things out, you’ll have never felt so loved.

1. The From Where I Stand

This one has become a real staple, not only for style bloggers the world around, but for basically every kid with a smart phone who’s feeling their look. There are two versions of the #fwis: the bottom half of an outfit with the camera pointed down, or the camera turned on the subject to capture the whole looks sans the head. The genius known as Kate Brien even built a whole account around the concept.

It’s always a big hit.

The two types of #fromwhereistand shots. Source: Instagram

2. The Lounging Selfie

Nothing quite like an easy breezy day lounging around in perfectly distressed denim and oversized knitwear on your cozy white-sheeted bed. Bonus points if your have a warm beverage in hand.

This kills it every time without fail.

Monochromatic visions in a crisp boudoir setting. Because we all lounge in this type of attire, duh. Source: Instagram

3. The Crotch Shot

This type of visual basically entails only the middle part of the body, with a strong focus on where the legs meet the torso, sometimes standing up, sometimes sitting down. A fun way to display one’s outfit that feels spontaneous and genuine.

Crotch on full display. It's less vulgar than it sounds. Source: Instagram

4. The Shoe Shot

Shoes make the look, it’s common knowledge. It goes without saying that any showcase of footwear would make a high-impact photo. Girls love shoes, therefore they love these shots.

Can't go wrong with shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Do it from the top with a pal or solo whilst sitting. Source: Instagram

5. The Mirror Selfie

Consider this one the classic: it's when one stands in front of the mirror to capture their OOTD. Again, I believe it is the authenticity of this type of photo that enraptures audiences. It strikes that perfect balance of relatability (a real person in their real home not using a fancy camera) and aspiration (showing off sick threads and also, how does one make their selfie so good?).

You need three things for this one to be successful: a full-length mirror, good lighting and a dope getup.

#MirrorSelfie with the usual suspects: fashion sneakers, distressed denim and a Mansur Gavriel. A goldmine of likes awaits. Source: Instagram

6. The Minimalist Lifestyle Girl

You know who I’m talking about: the girl with messy hair in cool loose tomboy outfits who frolics in her minimalistic shabby chic home, depicting a life filled with flwalessly undone beautiful things. She might have been facetiously coined ‘The Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl’ by some, but it is certifiable Instagram platinum. This one tugs at everyone’s aspiration heart strings.

You can find her in droves on Pinterest, too, just making everyone want to be her. Feature her in your gallery and reap the hearts. Source: Instagram

We wouldn't steer you wrong. Give 'em a go and tell us how they worked out for you.

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