The Battle of the Instagirls: Taylor vs Bella

instagram Aug 19, 2016

Vogue Paris is no stranger to putting models on their cover, a practice that is sadly near extinct in the industry, as celebs sell better on newsstands. But for the magazine's September issue - the most important of the year, fyi - they cast two models who moonlight as "Instagirls" (or is it vice versa?) in the coveted position. Which begs the inevitable question: how do these two It girls measure against one another on the popular platform?

Time to battle it out, Instagram style.

While the fashion world is known for moving very fast from trend to trend, it has also been notoriously slow at embracing anything digitally-related. Social media? Fuggedaboutit.

From brands to publishers operating in that sphere, their relationship with the world wide web didn't exactly begin with that thunderbolt of love at first sight lightning. That said, as models began growing their cachet on Instagram and building unprecedented personal brands that rival the almost mythic Trinity, it solidified the fact that a new era was upon us, and that models were once more bona fide stars. And the fashion world loves stars.

Putting models-slash-Instagram-household-names on covers isn't a particularly novel idea, but it's definitely a jump forward for a French magazine that operates in a territory that is more known for lagging behind in the digital space and less for being social media conscious.

There's certainly no denying the power of the two chosen Instagirls, Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill, with their respective 5.9 million and 4.4 million followers at press time, their popularity bringing a new generation of eyes on the authoritative publication.

In fact, both girls shared their mutual cover on their accounts on August 13th, with Bella also posting shots from inside the book on the 16th. In the graph below, we can clearly observe that on those two days, the @vogueparis account spiked in organic reach thanks to those posts, generating millions of impressions for an account that doesn't usually surpass seven figures from UGC exposure.

![Vogue Paris Instagram Organic Reach](/content/images/2016/08/vogue-paris-bella-hadid-taylor-hill-instagram-instagirls.jpg) The powers of Bella and Taylor have been summoned.

A question does linger, however: How did Vogue Paris come to choose those two ladies? How did they narrow them down from that giant pool of other amazing Instagirls (well, we know that Kendall was already taken)? Did the French editors have a whiteboard session to compare all the popular models' Insta stats to make their selects? Unlikely. But that thought excited us, so we did it for them! #nerds

Because no one is created equal, especially on Instagram, let's compare Bella and Taylor's stats to see how they measure against each other. Cue evil laugh.

At Press time, here's how it plays out:


Sister of Gigi, girlfriend of Abel, daughter of Yolanda. But the 19 year old is a celeb in her own right, obvi. Everyone loves Bella, ella ella.

Total amount of followers: 5,933,341
Average engagement rate: 3.36%*
Average likes per post: 170,902
Average Posts per week: 9
Weekly follower growth rate: 2.82%

Her most engaged-around Instagram post of all time is a pic of her and boyfriend The Weeknd's first appearance together as a couple, reaching a 12.82% engagement rate.

This is YOUR day baby! I'm so proud of you ❤️I feel so lucky to be by your side 👑

A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

And look who she gets to call her followers. Like, whoa:
Bella Hadid most influential followers on Instagram


This Victoria's Secret model crossed over into high fashion territory and became something of a Vogue darling. While being otherworldly beautiful, there's something inexplicably approachable about her; a quality that crushes it on Insta. So, yeah.

Total amount of followers: 4,477,590
Average engagement rate: 5.1%*
Average likes per post: 208,098
Average Posts per week: 7
Weekly follower growth rate: 1.42%

Her most engaged-around Instagram post of all time is a good old fashioned selfie looking like the all-American girl ever little lady dreams to be, reaching an engagement level of 12.2%.

📷☀️🌴 @victoriassecret

A photo posted by Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill) on

No Kardashians, but Taylor's follower list also reads like a who's who of influence:
Taylor Hill most influential followers on Instagram

These two ladies might each have areas in which they're stronger than the other, but when it comes down to it, there's no denying that they both excel on all fronts. Their careers are burning bright, and in a world where lines between reality and virtuality are becoming blurrier by the day, I'd say that's pretty darn excellent.

*To put things in perspective, average engagement rates above 2% are among the highest. For accounts this size, anything over 3% is not only way above board, but also insanely unusual. In comparison, Kim's engagement rate is 1.1%.

If you want stats like this for your brand or influencers, be sure to reach out because we love a data party. Tee hee.