The Bergdorfs Holiday Windows: A Festive Social Strategy

The Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows are what legends are made of. Here's a peek at how the New York City icon gives them the hype they deserve on Instagram.

Behind the scenes, sharing the magic.

Everyone knows that New Yorkers are not easily impressed. And certainly very seldom phased. The city is tough, every day is a hustle, and no one has time for niceties. But if there's one thing that can light a spark in the cold hearts of Big Apple dwellers, it's the iconic Bergdorf Goodman Holiday windows.

Year after year, locals gleefully rub elbows with tourists as they make their way up to the 5th at 58th street flagship to take in the festive artistry. The New York City retail institution serves up a thematic world of magic to spread joy and cheer at the end of each year. The windows are as iconic as the Rockefeller Center tree, and together they bookend a beautiful jolly stretch of 5th Avenue, should you ever be in the city to take in the yuletide feels.

What's cool about the Bergdorfs holiday windows is that they've been an iconic part of the New York landscape since way before our lives became digitalized, let alone taken over by social media, yet the department store has fully embraced channels like Instagram to drive hype and awareness to the long-standing tradition. Witnessing a legacy business nail something as modern as a visual social strategy warms our data-filled souls, especially around the Christmas season.

We wanted to analyze how the department store seamlessly integrated the holiday windows content into its lineup, figuring it was the perfect way to kick off the season here on the DH blog. Without further ado, here's how things have been going down with the Bergdorfs holiday windows on Insta since being unveiled last week.

The holiday windows were revealed on Wednesday November 14th (four days ago), and Bergdorfs has since posted four static images and two videos to share the merry magic with its social followers.

The team is smoothly weaving the festive displays among its other regular programming, perfectly balancing the transition into holiday content—and the audience was ready for it. We grouped the four static images into a Board to assess their performance as a whole, and together they crushed Bergdorfs' regular engagement rate of 0.20%, coming in at a strong 0.35%, with the top post receiving a whopping 0.48% engagement rate. Here are the stats:
bergdorfs holiday windows

People come from all over the world and from all walks of life to witness the bewitching windows, and their unveiling is anticipated every November. It then comes as no surprise that Bergdorfs experiences a flood of organic user content on Instagram once the displays are revealed. Since the 14th, Bergdorfs has received 442 pieces of earned media, which reached over 4 million people.
bergdorfs holiday windows

The #BGWindows hashtag has been a staple since Instagram became a thing for the Bergdorfs holiday windows hype, and in just four days, 115 posts have already been created using it. It received a reach of over 3.4 million.
bergdorfs holiday windows

Seeing as the windows revolve around a different theme ever year, the Bergdorfs team releases a new custom hashtag to go along with the new subject for people to use with #BGWindows. This year it's all about the #BergdorfsGoodies, and people have already posted 149 assets with it, earning the tag a reach of over 4.4 million.
bergdorfs holiday windows

Bergdorf Goodman has also seen an uptick in its geotag uses thanks to the windows providing quite the photogenic Insta bate. We can observe in the graph below that the flagship location where the festive facades are located has experienced a big spike in location tagging, providing great publicity for it.
bergdorfs holiday windows

Every single year, legendary department store and bonafide New York City icon Bergdorf Goodman takes our breath away with its whimsical, festive storytelling, which is now being shared with a global audience thanks to Instagram. These displays never fail to bring the magic while also providing an ideal segue for the company's holiday content plan into December.

The windows are a huge draw for New Yorkers and visitors around the holidays, and now they can be taken in by anyone around the world as well. Bergdorfs is able to leverage its annual festive tradition to drive seasonal buzz on social for all audiences in search of some holiday magic. 🎄

Header image: @bergdorfs

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bergdorfs holiday windows