Who to Follow on Instagram: NYFW Edition

who to follow on instagram Sep 09, 2016

Hang onto your high heels Stan Smiths, New York fashion week is back.

Following the right people on Instagram means not missing any of the action, live from the plush comfort of your couch.

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There aren't enough minutes in a day to keep up with every single piece of NYFW-related content that gets put out into the Instaverse (new word!) by the thousands of influencers, buyers, reporters, editors and stylists that are coming and going from the tents. But follow the right insiders and you'll catch all the ones that matter.

Lots of buzz happening around town, namely the CFDA's pledge to implement diversity, Kanye's confusing message, a few behavioral overhauls, and the industry's much discussed - and slightly polarizing - "see now buy now" fashion show format that will be trialed by a few designers. Even the notoriously social media-averse Tom Ford is on board. Among them is also the very buzzed-about Tommy Hilfiger production featuring Gigi's capsule. Needless to say, the SS17 show season is one that will forever be remembered as the one that was confused.

Things got off to a really sweet start with a lot of events starting as early as Tuesday this year - fashion week did not officially begin until Thursday the 8th. And while the whiplash from years of street style peacocking and overproduced affairs to cater to the growing ubiquity of social media has commenced, there's still an immense need for designers to have a presence, whether that's done by grand affair or on a quieter, more intimate scale.

Since fashion is having an identity crisis but <a href-"http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/fashion-week/news/a14169/fashion-week-changes/">compensating with democratization, the best place to keep up with all the shenanigans is on Instagram, naturally. With the launch of Stories last month, the insider's perspective is certainly going to be more revealing than ever. Unless you count Snapchat... But for my lazier peeps, this season you only have to rely one app to feel like you're there.



Some of the coolest beauty brands take you backstage during the shows, where the real magic happens.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @narsissist


Basically the original tastemakers. Big bonus: they are also fashion encyclopedias, meaning that their point of view makes fashion week go 'round.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @manrepeller


The ultimate fashion week insiders? Models, duh. Maybe you hate them cause they're beautiful, but you'll also be able to sympathize with their grueling, non-human schedules. They're basically bionic.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @taylor_hill


In charge of bringing it all to you: the almighty publications. Some are better at it than others. These ones guarantee bountiful fashion scoops.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @nytimesfashion


What would fashion week be without bloggers?! (Well probably still just a trade event). These gals bring a real personal perspective on the general brouhaha that is the week of fashun. Slight feelings of jealousy permitted.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @alwaysjudging

Social Scene

Professional air kissers, celeb spinners and other folk of the kind. They're the ones who will bring the juice.


Who to follow on Instagram during NYFW @derekblasberg

Hit follow on all the above and bid adieu to your feelings of NYFW FOMO. And don't omit viewing parties for their Instagram Stories. That's where the real good stuff is.

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