Who to Follow on Instagram: Australians Do it Better

who to follow on instagram May 04, 2016

Instagram is a bottomless well of inspiration. The categories are multiple and their respective players all better than the next. Are you getting an Insta-headache from all the options of beautiful accounts at your fingertips? Do yourself a favor and hit the refresh button with the must-follow galleries I've identified.

You're most welcome.

We've all been sucked in by the Instagram vortex. It happens to be a part of my job, therefore the daily hours I spend scrolling through the photo-sharing app are completely justified. But for those of you whose livelihood does not depend on your Instagram savviness, it can be a real counter-productive wormhole.

Start humming hallelujah, cause here I am again to save you some precious clock ticks with my aptly named 'Who to Follow on Instagram' series. The category we're exploring for this installment? Almighty Australian fashion bloggers. There's something so intrinsically cool about Aussie babes, as you'll quickly be able to gather from this roundup. They possess a certain quality that can neither be replicated nor duplicated. They're just rad AF.

With tons of fish in the style blogging sea, it makes finding the right catch quite elusive... Time to get out of the water and onto firm land (down under). Be forewarned: the abundance of flair may cause addiction at first glance. You'll probably also want to become Australian, but don't shoot the messenger.

Now grab your smartphone, open Instagram, and begin hitting follow. In no particular order:


Carmen from The Chronicles of Her simply oozes refinement, but in true Aussie form, she's never overdone. Also, her cool hair will leave you incredibly envious.

@chroniclesofher Instagram best Australian blogger


Nicole's brightly peppered gallery (pun intended) and impeccable photography is a true feast for the eyes. If you don't know her already, you've been missing out and better catch up: ebay vintage dealer turned full-time blogger and often-times model is now a regular high fashion collaborator (she has Louis Vuitton under her belt, nbd). Nicole has an innate sophistication and the big guns have taken notice.

@Garypeppergirl Instagram best Australian blogger


Exuding elegance seems to be a recurring theme in Oz. Case in point: it applies in droves to babe Brooke from the eponymous blog. Her style and taste are impeccable, just like her posing affinities.

@brooketestoni Instagram best Australian blogger


Amanda from Oracle Fox captivates her audience with her ultra high-end lifestyle. Her predilection for designer pieces never feels forced thanks to the breezy way with which she presents it in her grid: minimalistic, dream-inducing and oh so unique. Her point of view is artful and unmistakable.

@oraclefoxblog Amanda Shadforth Instagram best Australian blogger


The girl who runs the Fairfax Journal is another lesson in effortless poise. While she's got every bit of that intangible cool girl quality, there's also a certain elegance to how she carries herself. Fancy tropical getaways notwithstanding.

@nadiafairfax Instagram best Australian blogger


Picture a doll mixed with the raddest chick in the world and you have Yan Yan. Her blog is a lesson in dopeness and will pretty much make you feel inadequate at style.

@_yanyanchan Instagram best Australian blogger


Andy from ANDYCSINGER is the ultimate tomboy. She makes it apparent that femininity is a state of mind by rendering loose layers and sneakers ultra chic. Her photos provide an immaculate window into her chillness. We want to live in her world.

@andicsinger Instagram best Australian blogger


Hello, high fashion! Margaret's über strong look and sharp aesthetic is the one thing you need in your Instagram feed to make things more interesting. Her blog, Shine by Three, is a display of her impeccable taste and how ridiculously photogenic she is.

@margaret__zhang Instagram best Australian blogger


Petra's presence is newer on the scene and it took her 2 seconds to rise above her competitors. One quick gander at her gallery (the girl doesn't have a blog) and it's easy to see why: the ease and nonchalance with which she carries herself is only matched by her mega-babe status. Proof that you that you don't need to be fancy to be classy.

@pepamack Instagram best Australian blogger


Talisa is the quintessential embodiment of ladylike composure, worldly taste and coolness incarnate. She is a Vogue contributor, after all. She keeps things streamlined with a very distinct point of view reminiscent of that cool French girl you always wanted to be.

@talisa_sutton Instagram best Australian blogger


Another common thread with the Australians: minimalism. Sara from Harper and Harley is no different, but she does it especially well. Each one of her outfits is a similar yet completely different iteration from the other and you'll learn by scrolling through her images that a good basic is a solid gold investment.

@harpermadharley Instagram best Australian blogger


Unfortunately for us plebes, you just can't fake or buy this kind of panache. Vydia's sartorial inclinations are the perfect marriage of girl boss femininity and boyish elements. Did I mention she was a pro at neutrals? Yeah.

@Vydia Instagram best Australian blogger

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