The Best Brands You Need to Follow on Snapchat

snapchat May 10, 2016

When it comes to Snapchat, finding new accounts to follow is not exactly obvious. There's no organic search function, meaning that unless you're adding users directly from your contacts, you need to know the exact handle you're looking for to be able to locate them.

Some brands don't advertise their Snap handle on their other main social media accounts, which makes the app not only a black hole for metrics, but one for discovery as well.

Rock, meet hard place. The good news is, we've got your back.

We've already established that while Snapchat has proven to be a tough platform for most brands to grasp, it's quickly risen as one of the most important ones to be on because that's where customers have migrated. It's the future of marketing in so many ways, one being that native ad content is best resonating with the current and future generations of consumers.

A ton of companies have hopped on the Snapwagon, yet few are consistent. Maintaining an account but failing to devise specific Snapchat strategies isn't very interesting for people to follow. On the flip side, there are also a handful of entities that have embraced the medium as a part of their digital arsenal and that are doing it exceptionally well, steadily publishing engaging, compelling content that resonates with their audiences.

Because of what we mentioned up top (the part about the poor discovery situation), finding those awesome brand accounts to see what they're getting up to is a bit of a coin toss... And it's time to start winning.

Here's a list of labels and publishers that have identified Snapchat as the ideal extension of their branding activities, and that have adopted the medium as a vehicle for their narrative.

Now go add these handles to your Stories menu! We promise, they're awesome.

Elle Magazine - Snapchat: elleusa
The popular women's magazine's Snapchat content is a mix of office inside scoop and on-location features. They run a super engaging 'Coffee Stories' bit where they interview industry players over - what else? - coffee.

Elleusa Snapchat

<a href=""">REVOLVE - Snapchat: revolveclothing
REVOLVE is a social brand through and through, having fully embraced all networks and gotten creative and innovative with influencer marketing. Their fun and playful image perfectly translates to a platform like Snapchat and they've mastered the art of showcasing the lifestyle of a REVOLVE girl. They're very active on the app and you can count on them to relay all the fun details from their photo shoots set in exotic locales with über babes.

REVOLVE Snapchat

Happy Socks - Snapchat: thehappycrew
The Swedish fun-loving, joyful sock brand uses Snapchat to extend their customer's journey on the happy train, using the platform for an insider look into the company's activities and spreading messages of positivity and delight.

Happy Socks thehappycrew Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff - Snapchat: rebeccaminkoff
It comes as no surprise that the Minkoff camp has embraced the latest major social platform as part of their social stragtegy. They're known for being at the forefront of innovative digital happenings. They use their Snap Stories to make their fans feel like they're on board for the ride, like they recently did by capturing every morsel of action during their New York sample sale.

Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat

Everlane - Snapchat: everlane
Everlane is a shining example of having transitioned to a Snapchat-centric social strategy. They've made their account a truly immersive channel, showcasing everything from the use of their products, to including followers in BTS moments like the recent erecting of their pop-up #ShoePark shop. The brand also uses Snapchat to fully engage with fans by answering questions on specific topics, usually product or manufacturing related (#TransparencyTuesdays).

Everlane Snapchat

Teen Vogue - Snapchat: teenvogue
You'd kind of expect the teen fashion bible to have skillfully cinched the platform when considering their demographic. And they have! Their account is basically a window into a teen (and young adult) dream. They find various ways of engaging with their fans, either by commissioning beautiful and famous über cool girls to do takeovers (think Kaya Gerber), or by taking them to an event like the Met Gala red carpet, or even by creating playful scenarios inside their offices to evaluate new beauty products. It's like Snapcrack (new word!).

Teen Vogue Snapchat

Glossier - Snapchat: glossier.irl
The social-focused cult beauty startup has perfected the art of teasing on Instagram and now they're doing it on Snapchat, too. Their creative ways of launching new products have translated perfectly to the in-the-moment platform, allowing their fans to be fully engrossed into their sassy world by staying abreast of what will soon be available to buy.

Glossier Snapchat

Obsessee - Snapchat: obsessee
In case you haven't heard, there's a new publication out there that uses social media EXCLUSIVELY. That means no website, no print, no.nothing.else. (Gasp!) It's called Obsessee. Not everyone might personally understand it because it targets a younger demographic: girls from gen Z, which makes a ton of sense given their social media-only nature. As expected, they've really embraced the Snap as a full-on video channel and produce consistent native content for their target.

Obsessee Snapchat

Valentino - Snapchat: maisonvalentino
Valentino has made a very concerted effort with social media in the past year. They're one of the most active and consistent brands in the luxury sector on these networks. Most players in that arena only plan Snapchat content around special events, but Valentino uses it on a regular basis to bring its audience a piece of the maison's universe in a non-staged, non-manicured way - which is not what one might typically expect from a premium label.

Maison Valentino Snapchat

Marie Claire - Snapchat: marieclairemag
MC uses the Snap as another channel to reach their readers in a real time reel way. They post engaging beauty product demos and take their audience into special events. Makes one want to live the magazine lyfe.

Marie Claire Magazine Snapchat

Airbnb - Snapchat airbnb
Talk about mastering social media. Not only do they crush it on Instagram, but now they use their Snapchat to let their followers in on destinations details, imparting wisdom on what to do in different parts of the world, which contributes directly to the brand's image and story.

Airbnb Snapchat

Birchbox - Snapchat: birchbox
The subscription beauty box uses the Snap in a fabulous, creative way to either preview their monthly box specials or to take their customers behind the scenes to events with their beauty gurus.

Birchbox Snapchat

Infatuation - Snapchat: infatuation
A pretty fantastic Snapchat account from crazy popular food vertical The Infatuation. Their quick astronomical rise has rendered them a real gastronomic reference. They plan Stories around their insider special events, city features or have influencers grab the reigns for takeovers. And there's always mind-blowing food involved. Warning: hunger may ensue.

Infatuation Snapchat

Maybelline - Snapchat: maybelline
After YouTube's insane hit with the beauty industry, Snapchat is literally a dream come true to continue on that route, only it's now even more direct, more real and more accessible. Maybelline's been killing the Snap game with amazing tutorials, product demonstrations and sharing all kinds of tips and tricks while engaging customers.

Maybelline Snapchat

Every second of every day, more brands are identifying interesting angles from which to approach the social platform, while some are still waiting for it to be more mature to start allocating precious resources to it.

Soon, the inevitable will ensue and we'll all be trying to remember a time when Snapchatting didn't exist.

Because Snapchat cometh.

Here at Dash Hudson, we're fulfilling all of your Instagram needs, but we're also about to make all kinds of Snapchat dreams come true.