Who to Follow on Instagram: The Foodies

instagram Jun 17, 2016

Oh, Instagram. A bottomless well of inspiration. The categories are multiple, their respective players all better than the next. Are you getting an Insta-headache from all the options of beautiful accounts at your fingertips? Hit the refresh button with the must-follow feeds I've identified. The pleasure is all yours (and maybe a tad mine, too).

We've all been sucked in by the Instagram vortex. I happen to do it as my job, therefore the hours I spend on the daily scrolling through the photo-sharing app are completely justified. But for those of you whose livelihood does not depend on your Instagram savviness, it can be a real counter-productive wormhole. The struggle is indeed real.

Start humming hallelujah, cause here I am again to save you some precious clock ticks with my aptly named 'Who to Follow on Instagram' series. The category explored for this installment: foodies, exclamation point! The Instagrammers that post all of those mouth-watering pics, documenting every decadent dish from the hippest restos of the moment. The accounts you consult to determine where your next date night is going to be and what to order off the secret menu (wink!).

With our findings below, you'll be able to turn your IG into a highly curated list of professional restaurant patrons delivering the most delectable posts. Just try not to scroll during moments of starvation, you'll just be making things worse for yourself.

Keep reading for some palette-titillation, but be forewarned: you might want to grab a snack first. What is waiting for you yonder is going to make you hangry hungry. Disclaimer: These are all accounts ran by individuals, not publishers, nor verticals. Now, onward!

Bon appétit.

Safe to say that the New York City restaurant scene is Gillie's playground. This former Yahoo Food (RIP) editor knows all the hot spots and the best things to order from them.
Gillie Houston Instagram

The name says it all, y'all. I N D U L G E N T. Bye.

I dare you to not drool while looking through her gallery. The good news is, you'll never run out of ideas for where to eat with her pics at your fingertips.
cy_eats foodie instagram

@new__fork __city
Just three friends trying to get by in the city, one forkful at a time.
@new_fork_city foodie Instagram

She mans the Tasting Table account AND she's going steady with pizza? Girl knows her shiz.
@donthatemecuzimhungry foodie instagram

@the__daily _bite
All close-ups, all drool-inducing, indulgent dishes. Makes you feel like that gym membership might be a good idea after all.
@the_daily_bite_ foodie instagram

Greg and Rebecca aptly named their food-documenting account because it's literally going to make you want to devour every single post with a lot of power.
@devourpower foodie instagram

Not only is this girl in the know when it comes to where to dine, but her photography is exceptionally superior. What's that saying again... we eat with our eyes first? Yup.
@amberlowey foodie instagram

One quick glance at Josh's posts and it's obvious that this dude knows his way around town, a good burger and a camera. Noms all around.

This avid foodie is also a pun master. Be still our hearts.

Her hunger knows no bounds, thank goodness for us and the world. Also, make sure you always take the time to read her hilariously witty captions.
One Hungry Jew foodie Instagram

Just three gals uniting strong to make sure their souls never starve.
@feedyoursoull foodie instagram

Pure, unabashed, glorious dishes that shine on their own, worthy of every double tap they get. One person, one enormous culinary adventure
@food.drunk foodie instagram

Did your favs make this list? Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments below or <a href="http://twitter.com/dashhudson target="_blank">tweet at us!

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