The Best Instagram Trends From London Fashion Week 2019

Oct 01, 2019

Because, fashion.

We waited, we watched, we analyzed. We took a deep dive into the Instagram trends pouring out of London Fashion Week—arguably the most fashion-forward week of Fashion Month—to find out how brands are using Instagram to make the most of this iconic global event.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. How brands created hype for shows.
  2. How brands covered shows.
  3. BTS: Instagram Stories vs In-feed.
  4. Celebrities, of course.
  5. The results.

So let’s get straight to it!

1. Creating Hype

Building anticipation for a show that’s been months in the making while every other fashion brand is doing the same is no easy feat. The strategies differed across brands, but one thing was consistent: Stories!

creating hype instagram stories

Instagram’s latest Stories features, like countdown timers and Stories regrams, have added another dimension to creating hype with online audiences. The always-on, ephemeral nature of Stories is the perfect medium.

creating hype instagram stories

Since the Instagram feed is no longer chronological, there’s no way to guarantee a feed post hyping the show would be seen before the show, so savvy brands went with Stories to make sure the message was received right on time.

That’s not to say that shows weren’t promoted ahead of time on feeds, because they definitely were. It was just a little more in advance, that’s all! We saw brands pumping out throwbacks and previews a few days before the show, so regardless of whether their followers saw it the moment it went live or the next day, it was still in good time.

2. Show Coverage

Instagram is a noisy place for fashion brands and fans during LFW, and the majority of brands take a two-pronged approach to covering shows on Instagram. The real-time, BTS, IRL content is reserved for Stories, and the glossy runway shots find their way to the feed.

Real-Time Runway: Instagram Stories

real-time runway: instagram stories

Runway Regrams

Runway regrams instagram stories

Glossy Runway: Instagram Stories

glossy runway instagram stories

Glossy Runway: Instagram Feed

glossy runway instagram feed

What we’ve been seeing is that brands really sweat the assets when it comes to show coverage. Many will post runway shots on Stories and their feed, some post the entire runway show post by post, and others prefer carousels—either way, it looks as though nothing goes to waste when it comes to Fashion Week.

3. Behind-the-scenes: Instagram Stories vs In-feed

Behind-the-scenes content is the most popular social trend from London Fashion Week, from the close-up detail shots to make-up artists creating each brand’s iconic look over and over again.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the perfect channel for BTS content. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nature of the medium gives social teams the freedom to experiment, show raw unedited content, and lets fans get closer to their favorite brands.

fashion show instagram stories


The more polished backstage shots and videos, it seems, are saved for the feed. Brands produced feed-specific video of BTS moments, and used this as a chance to highlight details throughout the collection and expose accessories that might have otherwise been missed in the noise.

4. Celebrities, of course

The front row, or FROW as it’s often lovingly referred to, is a source of great content. At Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show, fashion royalty Anna Wintour and Edward Enninful, Maya Jama and Karen Elson are a prime example of this. That’s not to mention the countless movie stars, singers, and high profile industry leaders we saw gracing the sought-after FROW seats.

celebs stories

5. The Results

We looked at the top brands that showed at London Fashion Week and dug into the data to find out how LFW content performed, and if there was any change from the average—for better or worse.

When it comes to engagement rate, posts during LFW perform, on average, better than the brand’s average engagement rate.

Before LFW: 0.38%

During LFW: 0.46%

Performance Increase: +17.98%

So, brands saw an average engagement rate increase of 17.98% during LFW, which is incredible given how saturated Instagram is during this time.

Interestingly, the majority of brands saw a spike in followers on show day. Not before, not after, but on the actual day of the show. It’s satisfying to see the hard work of these brands and their social teams paying off on what is one of the most taxing, busiest days of the year. It’s some well-deserved follower growth.

Header image: @ERDEM

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london fashion week trends 2019

Elise Ngobi

Senior Brand Strategy Manager UK