Beyond Football: Celebrities Bring the Magic on Game Day

It feels like January is pretty much reserved for Super Bowl hoopla. So much is made to create buzz around what a majority of Americans see as the winter season's silver lining, a sacred, cult-like event that garners nearly more worshipers than the Man upstairs.

The thing is, over the years, the Super Bowl has kind of developed into something extending far beyond the sphere of sports, with people who can't even tell you who's playing getting excited about it (*clears throat* me).

Indeed, there are three different categories that attract non-football lovers to the early February annual event:

Because we're super data-happy and we were dying of curiosity about the Instagram activity surrounding all of the aforementioned, we decided to dig into each of the subjects.

So while you're still figuring out what happened to the roman numerals, here is the third and final leg of our three-part Beyond Football exploratory. We're capping off our series with a deep dive into none other than celebrity contributions to the most important day of the entire year football season.

Get in formation, cause this is pretty epic. (Get it??)

A patriotically clad Gaga was apparently reminiscent of something else.

So it's pretty crystal clear that while the Super Bowl's impetus is the game of American football, the event itself probably bumps the sport down to 2nd or 3rd place in terms of priority, amirite?!

In fact, it should be noted that it isn't the actual NFL that had the most influence on Instagram on the NFL's biggest night. Beyond the performers, it was the apparel industry - say what?! - that dominated the Super Bowl-related hashtags. Some of the most influential photos from the #SB50 tag are not what you might think:

#SB50 outfits on point! @alessandraambrosio & @adrianalima win MVP best-dressed. #NoContest

A photo posted by Victoria's Secret (@victoriassecret) on

Win or lose, we're just here for Coldplay and Beyoncé. 🏈😍@iamfashionlaine #superbowl50

A photo posted by forever21 (@forever21) on

Game time. Photographed by @bruce_weber, Vogue, September 1997. #SuperBowl50

A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

While Victoria's Secret released an ad pre-game day, it barely made a blimp in the commercial radar. However, the brand was as present as ever thanks to their social media-savvy Angels. Football rivalry, anyone?

In Attendance

There were all kinds of celebrity-centric activities, from the ones who were attending the game as fans, to the larger-than-life halftime extravaganza. In fact, calling the event Celebrity Bowl might be a more accurate depiction of what it is. The stars brought more buzz, made more noise, and got more people excited than almost anything else both inside and outside of Levi's Stadium (also, can we take a moment to enjoy the irony of that one?).

Between Gaga and Bey (Coldplay who? JK), let's dig into what sort of fanfare the rich and famous subjected the 'gram to and observe how powerful their impact was across the channel, beginning with the Insta-savvy attendees.

Miz Amborsio, 129K+ likes, hello!

Super at the Super Bowl 🙌🏈✌️❤️🏈🙋 #SB50 @levis @shopredone

A photo posted by @alessandraambrosio on

Alicia Keys was feeling it, too.

I'm here San Francisco... the city is electric! ⚡️⚡️ #SB50

A photo posted by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) on

Gwyneth Paltrow made us believe that somehow there was a conscious coupling of some kind.

#superbowl50 jacket game

A photo posted by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on

Taraji P. Henson gave us a bird's eye view.

Game time #superbowl50 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

A video posted by taraji p henson (@tarajiphenson) on

Miss Universe (the right one) got in on the action.

Ready to go with @InsideEdition! #SuperBowl50 -Pia

A photo posted by Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (@missuniverse) on

Nina Dobrev brought the hype and a very large entourage.

Squad 💪🏼 #SuperBowl50 🏈

A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

Madonna gave the halftime show a good ol' fashioned shoutout.

Even the halftime headliner (we know) Coldplay hyped it up the day before.

But What About the Performers?

And thanks to the musical acts, things got even more Insta-explosive? Lady Gaga slayed the anthem and was talked about for her singing just as much as she was for her ensemble (see meme above).

Fun fact: Gaga is the first artist ever to perform at the Grammys, the Oscars and the Super Bowl, all in one year. Not too shabs.

The #LadyGaga hashtag reached unprecedented heights the night of the Super Bowl, with nearly 32 million impressions. The organic reach of her account based on photo tags and mentions alone surpassed 83 million in one night. In true Gaga fashion: go big or go home. ...Which led to 56K+ new followers in 1 day, plus anoter 55K the next. Mind blown.

Coldplay certainly held their own (when they weren't being mistaken for Maroon 5):
Coldplay's account saw over 55.5 million organic impressions in one night. And their hashtag generated almost 54 million impressions. The Coldplay account added - wait for it - over 73K new followers in one day. Feeling alive again yet?

And now, drum roll, please...

The one, the only, the legend. She basically took over the operations, grabbed everyone in the palm of her hand, blew a kiss, and then proceeded with world domination. Even when she almost fumbled, she didn't really.

Surprisingly, the #beyonce hashtag didn't reach as many people as the other performers, likely because folks were hashtagging other stuff, tagging her account or simply too busy reeling over her performance to tag anything. It's still a solid 20+ million impressions, though. Just as we suspected, people were busy tagging her account instead of using the hashtag. The @beyonce organic impressions on the night of the superbowl came in at almost 220 million.  That is, simply put, completely insane. With an account as big as @Beyonce's, it takes something mighty powerful to be able to make a dent. The Super Bowl did just that: check out that mound on game day representing a follower surplus.

As soon as the halftime show began, the Instagram tributes from fans began flooding folks' feeds the world over. Celebs basically picked up football's slack and took it home like the real champions they are. CBS thanks them.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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