Canada Goose Takes Sundance For Big Social Media Push

The snowy mountains of Park City, Utah welcomed the cream of Hollywood's indie crop as the stars flocked to Sundance this past week.

Also getting in on the action? Bloggers, duh.

Canada Goose took over Sundance to make sure celebs didn't get cold and to spread Instagram influencer gospel.

Having produced a short film on outdoor adventure, it was very fitting for Canada Goose to land at the Sundance Film Festival last week (influencers in tow). And while in Rome, opening a pop-up shop was only natural (celebs get cold, they're just like us!) - the wintery brand played host to all kinds of fun stuff as they set up at Festival Basecamp.

Sundance is one of those "casual" Hollywood events that doesn't want to be ritzy, but it still is by default. It attracts celebrities, celebutantes, film buffs and brands of all kinds, mostly for endorsements and special events (that's a fancy word for party).

What could possibly be more appropriate for a town known for both its ski resorts and its annual film festival than the patronage of a luxuriously functional outerwear brand?

After all, ensuring that the rich and famous stay warm is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

When you’re not at a film screening, Festival Basecamp is the place to be at #Sundance.

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Canada Goose set up shop at Basecamp in the midst of all the action.

While it's important for brands to get celebs to use and be photographed with their products, it's almost doubly important to be promoted by influencers. There's nothing quite like the magic of putting those items into the hands of social media cool kids to spread the word to new audiences in an "organic" way. Not only are they trusted voices, but they also straddle that fine line between accessible and aspirational (celebs are purely aspirational) and are therefore credible advocates to their followers.

And we are now all very well aware of the importance of influencer marketing.

However, it has to be said that not all campaigns are created equal. It takes a lot of moving parts to work in harmony in order to accomplish something substantial, meaning that brands really need to do their homework before embarking on this type of undertaking.

Canada Goose, it appears, was studying overtime and came up with the perfect recipe for a successful, perfectly on-brand influencer campaign:

  • An ideal event to plan something around
  • Über-cool bloggers who are style authorities in their own right
  • The perfect apropos setting that ties into their brand image and story

Their power bloggers of choice?

Après ski. #SundanceFilmFestival snuggled in @canadagoose #AskAnyoneWhoKnows #travel #utah #parkcity

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Natalie Suarez in all of her après ski glory.

Canada Goose and their Sundance army landed in Park City at the start of the festival and immediately took over the social sphere.

Let's observe what the buzz looked like:

Their organic reach blew up on the day they arrived and was steadily swollen throughout their entire stay.

The Canada Goose custom hashtag, #AskAnyoneWhoKnows, was feeling some crazy vertigo. This you can ask us!

Sundance  Grand Jury prize? Two of Marianna Hewitt's Canada Goose photos were also the top two posts tagged with the #Sundance hashtag. Out of the ENTIRE event. NBD.

The ultimate question: was it worth the spend? With Canada Goose's Instagram account acquiring over 4K new followers in just a few days, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

We often emphasize the significance of choosing the right Instagrammers for influencer campaigns, and Canada Goose proved here that it can mean the difference between success and misstep.

Having selected four on-brand style bloggers with very large, quality audiences, they ensured that they would get a ton of really beautiful content associated with their image (which they can choose to leverage on their own channels), authentic-seeming endorsements from style authorities, as well as huge ongoing buzz around a high-profile event.

When all of the ingredients are right, the recipe really can turn out perfect.

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