How Onia Perfectly Combined Fashion and Travel to Create a Memorable Instagram Campaign

May 25, 2015

One of the great things about spending umpteen hours scrolling Instagram is the serendipitous event of finding an incredible new brand.

In early May, over the course of a week, we noticed that a group of the cool kid Instagrammers (slash bloggers) were hanging out in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The group included Lainy Hedaya (@hauteinhabit), Lisa Dengler (@lisadengler), Justin Liv (@justinliv), Marcel Floruss (@onedapperstreet), Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat), and Christina Caradona (@troprouge).

A veritable bevvy.

Le sigh.

Turns out the adventure was to celebrate the launch of their new women's line. Onia is an emerging luxury swimwear brand that's been creating simple, stylish swim, as well as casual ready-to-wear for men, and now that very same sensibility is being translated into something for the ladies. Lovely stuff, follow them on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Cool Kids x Swimwear x Exotic Locale = Insta Crack

Here are our five favorite pictures from the trip. Keep scrolling and read below to get the four (4) reasons why this was a killer Insta campaign.

Superstar blogger Danielle working on her tan lines.

Christina and Mo Hedaya of Onia caught in a moment.

Marcel shows off some excellent form. The question is, was it a rip entry?

Lainy takes a break from a break.

Lisa is the golden girl, so very appropriate.

Jealous yet? Okay, back to business.

Here are the four (4) reasons why this was a perfect, and memorable, Insta campaign:

1- The Right Influencers

Onia carefully selected the group of influencers who participated in the celebration. They focused on quality, and ensuring they chose Instagrammers who truly represented their brand, both visually and in spirit.

2- The British Virgin Islands Were Central to the Campaign

We love when brands, influencers, and destinations work together to create beautiful, aspirational content for the mutual benefit of all. It really is the perfect Insta-storm. The campaign used hashtags (#BVIBeachTips) to promote the location as central to the adventure. Great marketing for the Islands, too.

3- They Leveraged the Content to Max Effect

With beautiful, organic lifestyle images featuring their product, Onia had a massive opportunity at its disposal. In addition to getting audience reach through the influencer audiences (key, obvi), Onia used the content on its own feed, and on product pages. Key tip: ensure you are negotiating rights for all of the locations in which you want to employ the content. We can help, and it's worth it to get it right!

4- They Created Moments

The glossy mag is on the endangered list, and so are the days of highly posed advertorials. By creating an adventure for influencers in the BVI, Onia allowed for moments to be captured, rather than static, editorialized images. Be part of the customer journey, because emotion trumps distribution every time.

A beautiful, well executed, and memorable campaign by Onia.

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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson