Celebs Bare All For Calvin on Instagram

Jul 14, 2015

It's been over three decades since Brooke Shields uttered the now infamous line "Wanna know what gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing." And it's been over twenty years since Marky Mark donned his tight-fit Calvin boxers and sent fan girls screaming and young dudes running to pick up a pair.

Although Marky Mark has left his white-boy rep behind and now prefers to be thought of as Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg, those classic Calvins never really went out of style. And with a major resurgence in classic Calvin undies, today's most popular Instagrammers are spreading the good word of CK throughout the Insta-world.

Justin, Calvin, muscles

The re-birth of Calvin through Instagram didn't happen by accident -- it's a shrewd use of marketing, social media and celebrity influence that has created a burst of popularity for the brand.

It all started when young Justin Bieber started posting shots of himself on Instagram getting very ripped at the gym with some conspicuous boxers peeking out over his shorts. Most thought J.Bieb's was just showing off his new physique, an attempt to assert himself as man and throw away the boyish looks of his past. But really Bieber was prepping himself to be the face of a huge re-launch of the Calvin boxers in a series of ads that are very reminiscent of Wahlberg's ads. While some people weren't impressed with the ad's striking similarity to Wahlberg's, Bieber's um... physique generated huge buzz and launched the hashtag #mycalvins across the Insta-world.

Kendall gives good Calvin

Around the same time, supermodel and Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner posted a photo to Instagram that could easily have been an ad for Calvin Klein women's bralettes and briefs. Like perfect clockwork, it was soon announced that Kendall would be the newest face of CK jeans.

With their combined campaigns and Instagrams, Kendall and Bieber set off a wildfire of celebrity copy-cats who realized that taking a photo in your Calvins was the new holding your Starbucks in front of a scenic background, or instagramming your brunch (avocado toast, anyone?)

All-American Gigi and Calvin

Young Instagrammers like Kendall's model buddy Gigi Hadid and J.Bieb's fellow teen-hearthrob-turned-hunk Nick Jonas followed suit, helping promote the brand by showing of that famous waistband and #mycalvins.

The #mycalvin hashtag is certainly not reserved for celebrities who probably get the underwear shipped straight to their door from Mr. Klein himself. Type "#mycalvins" into Instagram's hashtag search and streams of regular folk (mostly lounging perfectly on their beds like Gigi) flood the feed.

A typical #mycalvins Instagram

There's something sexy and timeless, yet tomboyish and athletic about the signature Calvin Klein underwear that makes it a perfect Instagram sensation. From a marketing perspective, there's nothing greater than hoards of social media savvy folks snapping pics of your brands underwear, especially when the brand is, well, branded all over the waistband.

At this point, the only thing getting between Instagrammers and their Calvins is a bad filter.

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