Content Rights on Instagram: Here's What You Need to Know


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You, nailing content rights on Instagram.

The more time passes, the deeper we get into this social media marketing world, and the more important it becomes to create structured rules and guidelines around touchy things like content rights. It's been a bit of a blurry territory thus far with ambiguous regulations, conflicting ethics, and all kinds of unconfirmed stipulations.

Some say that images become public domain once they've been posted to Instagram, while others believe copyright laws still apply. What's the real deal here? If you've never read the Instagram fine print, rejoice in the fact that you're clearly not alone. But you want to tread carefully here because the stakes are high.

In fact, brands have a lot riding on the use of user-generated content, and we've been touting its employment ever since we got in this game. While it can seem like Instagrammers are tagging brands in the hopes of being featured by them with a repost, that's not always the case.

It's true in most instances. By tagging brands in their posts, users are killing two birds with one stone: they're informing their followers of what they're wearing/eating/doing and simultaneously alerting the brand of their existence. Once a brand has been tagged in a photo, it could appear that it's fair game for them to use. Enter ambiguity.

Not everyone wants their content to be repurposed by another account, even if they purposely caught its attention. Either way, it's always best to play it safe before you pull the regram trigger. To prevent things from getting mucky, it's important to understand permissions and how to kosherly go about getting them.

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What a time to be alive!

Dash Hudson's Tool for Content Rights on Instagram

You're a brand doing great things on social, you're a DH fam member, you're busy focusing on strategy day in and day out, planning activations and engaging your community. You receive a high volume of user-created media each week and you don't exactly have the bandwidth to sort through it all and individually reach out to everyone that catches your eye for a regram authorization.

That and the fact that your legal team is like, nope.

We're in the age of covering our bases, and anyone with a law degree will tell you that it's best to over-index on official rules and permissions rather than the opposite. So here we are, and because you need to be getting on with killing it at social strategy, which includes collecting all of your brand's most high-quality UGC, we've just launched a brand new content rights acquisition tool to makes your job (and consequently, your life) better.

We all know the many great benefits of repurposing user-generated content, and now you can acquire it sans headache. Here's how.

  • We execute the request on the image you want for your brand, all with just the click of a button.
  • We'll track that request and follow it until authorization is accepted or denied.
  • These content rights requests can be customized to fit your brand voice.
  • The process is automated and super streamlined; easy for you to monitor without having to take additional action.
  • All photos and videos that get approved are legally yours for the taking.
  • It's all done directly from your DH Dashboard, where you can keep tabs on all your requests, approvals, and lapses.

Another weapon in your social marketing arsenal!

content rights on instagram

As always, our biggest objective is to be able to help all of our DH fam members be more efficient at their jobs, and with this new tool, you and your legal department will be able to sleep soundly at night while being more productive during the day.

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