We Hate to Say I Told You So: Dash Hudson's Best Nine of 2015 Proves Our Theory Right

instagram Jan 05, 2016

We hate being right. Just kidding, that's a blatant lie. But it makes it even sweeter when our observational theories prove themselves to be valid over and over again.

Read and learn.

The very casually aspirational @andicsinger is a real pro at this. Source: @andicsinger Instagram

As the go-to photo sharing social platform, no matter how you cut it, Instagram is a rich well of images and rests purely on telling stories through aesthetics. All registered accounts, whether they are for personal or business use, have their unique vision dictating the kind of content they put forth. It all varies with each individual, as well as each industry, naturally.

When the Dash Hudson Instagram journey began approximately a year and a half ago, the company was a consumer-focused endeavor in the form of a mobile marketplace. Our account was there to capture the attention of style-obsessed content consumers, as well as creators, concentrating on a young fashionable demographic.

Winner winner chicken dinner. @pepamack grew her account at the speed of light thanks to these types of photos. Source: @pepamack Instagram

Skin Is In (And Your Denim Better Be Distressed)

We quickly started noticing a pattern: the common thread between the photos that seemed to get people excited the most consisted of (distressed) denim, sit down selfies shot from above, tons of exposed flesh and "candid" moments. A vibe also linked these popular images: noticeable color contrasts in cold blue tones, specifically.

How funny - and ultimately not shocking - that when we (along with everyone else on Instagram) typed in our handle into the best of 2015 generator, our 'best nine' consisted of everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Our #2015bestnine. Houston, we have contact.

Listening to the Wind of Change

If you look back to earlier posts on this blog, you'll notice article titles like 6 Types of Shots That Crush on Instagram and The Secret Sauce for Brands on Instagram , the content of which proclaims more or less that what really works on this social platform is denim, selfies, sit down shots, exposed skin and the color blue.

If the young style set is your audience, this is your magic formula. No doubt about it.

As our company evolved into something completely different from our initial e-commerce app, so did our image, our fan base and our aesthetic. The selfies and the skin became more sparse on our Instagram account, we moved away from distressed denim being at the forefront of almost every photo we posted, yet still we can't help but give a big, fat, loud shout-out to the clear winners of the 'Gram galaxy.

Because the blues and the babes in denim were in full orbit in 2015, as we suspected all along.

Our most liked photos of all time also prove our theory. These will likely stay at the very top of the charts for a long, long time, as we have yet to figure out what grips people as deeply as denim and flesh.