5 Cool and Unexpected Ways to Use Location Monitor

The fact that you can monitor any location in the world from inside the Dash Hudson platform is pretty powerful. Not sure in what way? Allow us to demonstrate.


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When you find out Dash Hudson has a location monitor.

Tucked away nicely in Dash Hudson's Instagram platform under the UGC tab is a nifty little functionality called Location Monitor. It allows you to input any geotag in existence and conduct an Instagram search by location. It appears as though people aren't entirely sure what to do with it, and we're here to rectify that today.

If you're thinking that the native Instagram geotag search function is all well and good for your needs, here's some breaking news: there are a lot of limitations as to how far you can take your location tag scrutiny on the app. It merely presents a simple overview of the posts tagged in a specific spot, and not much more. But it doesn't need to be that way.

Location, Location, Location

The Dash Hudson Location Monitor tool goes super deep into localized Instagram tags. Here are the main features:

  • You can add literally any location in the world. It will give you how many posts are housed under that geotag and how much reach it received, along with all the usual DH nitty gritty for each one.
  • You can search the location within any specific desired time frame.
  • You can view a location's posts in order of hour, day, or month.
  • The tool will surface all of the highest-quality and most influential posts that have been geotagged with the location (aka no dumpster-diving needed to sift through mounds of unsavory visuals).

Having the ability to survey any Instagram geotag on the globe can enable brands to keep many irons on the fire. It's a functionality that can greatly benefit social efforts by nicely rounding them out. In fact, not taking advantage of this super user-friendly tool is a missed opportunity to make your social media marketing game plan multi-dimensional.

Below, we're going to explore why and how the Dash Hudson Location Monitor feature can mean big things.

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Add any location in the world, and monitor its reach within specific time frames.

Where in the World?

The fact that any location on this mighty planet can be audited for social content is not something to take lightly, especially as it relates to your brand's marketing endeavors. This means a ton of untapped Instagram tags are at your disposal. If you're not quite sure how this can be major for your strategy, keep reading: we're going to show you 5 ways to use the tool to your advantage.

1. Find Posts to Regram

The Location Monitor tool surfaces all of the most influential, high-quality posts associated to your searched geotags. If you're a smaller brand running low on content without receiving a ton of UGC, you can find Instagram users from which to regram* relevant content in places you deem #goals across the globe.

*Never forget the proper #regram protocol of giving the account both a photo tag and a caption mention for credit.

2. Monitor Brick and Mortar Locations

If you want to get a sense for how much foot traffic you're getting in your physical retail locations or how much exposure they are receiving through social, this is an ideal way to figure it out. Assuming that you've art-directed your spots with exquisite precision to encourage social sharability, think of how much UGC you're probably getting from you geotags alone.

Surveying who comes through your doors can help you better understand your consumers, as well as enable you to fine-tune your product offering. Knowing what your patrons like to share on social can be directional for future strategies, and consequently lead to your business experiencing an influx of people coming and going through its doors. Social is a powerful WOM vehicle, make sure your customers are utilizing it.

Remember: not everyone tags an establishment's Instagram handle, but they're probably inputting a geotag in their posts. Combing through your location tags will enable you access to every single piece of hype crossing into your territory. Time to make a geotag for your physical locations if they don't already have one!

For example, Stuffed Ice Cream NYC's location reached over 1 million users in the past 7 days alone, and the parlor likely missed a lot of UGC from some great images that did not tag its Instagram handle. That's powerful information.
dash hudson, instagram geotags, instagram location, find influencers, stuffed ice cream

Monitor your brick and mortar locations to understand their social reach. Not everyone tags an establishment's account, but chances are the geotag will be used.

3. Monitor the Competition

Here's an insight: when you Instagram search people, it's from the entire pool of accounts on the channel. That means your competitors, too. Imagine being able to dig into the location activity of your rivals? For example, a burger place like Shake Shack could examine what kind of social activity is happening in burger adversary Five Guys' stores around New York City.

Or let's say the famous fast food joint would be looking to expand in San Francisco, it could look up the city's In N Out locations to understand what sort of traction they could potentially get on social around those necks. This tool can be used in multitudes of ways to keep abreast of what's going on in your neighbor's lawn. Think of what you want to find out and get searching.

4. Track an Event

Are you throwing a party? Or perhaps a soirée for a store opening? You've got the hottest influencers and celebs on the guest list? Pro tip: add its location to instagram, then go to the DH monitor to not miss any posts from your shindig.

Here's another scenario: you're trying to barter with an event space for a party by promising its people hefty social exposure. Well, the DH Location Monitor will help you make your case and prove your point, enabling you to go back to them with a full report on reach numbers and influential personalities that have helped give it a boost during your function.

Going back in time, we can't help but recall the huge bang made by Rebecca Minkoff's Los Angeles store opening. Imagine the other dimensions of ROI the brand could have unlocked if it had access to this tool at the time?!

If you're planning something along similar lines, or a any other kind of punctual affair, our Location Monitor will help you evaluate whether or not you reached your marketing goals for it.

5. Find Influencers to Collaborate With

Something that always comes as a surprise to our customers is that this functionality allows them to identify on-brand Instagram influencers to partner with. And it's the easiest thing to do. Out of all the tools to find popular instagrammers, this one might have the most flair because it's unexpected and it'll lead to both micro influencers and top social media influencers that never would have otherwise been on your radar.

For example, a travel brand like Samsonite or Raden could enter any hotel in the world they'd love to see their luggage in, and identify content they enjoy by influencers who have left a trail of their presence with geotagged Instagram posts. From there, it's easy to click out directly into these users' profiles to check out their content and evaluate whether or not they would be a good brand match for a collaboration.

The influencer partnerships that can arise are unique opportunities that only Location Monitor can bring. When you search instagram users by location, odds are you already have something in common with who you find, whether that's brand image or aesthetic sensibilities. You'll likely stumble upon a great social media influencer you never even knew about.

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Going in to find a top influencer at the posh Parisian George V hotel.

Instagram marketing is far from being black and white. It's complex and nuanced, and mastering it means being nimble and creative with the channel's features. That's the exact approach with which our Location Monitor tool was developed.

For all DH fam members out there, we got you, always. Now time to put your spy hat on and go track all of those relevant geotags.

To learn more about how we can help you at Instagram marketing, get in touch today (right after you sign up for our weekly newsletter below👇).