How it Works: A Simple Guide to Dash Hudson's LikeShop Feature

The Dash Hudson Instagram marketing platform has a myriad of tools to help optimize and grow your account. One of its easiest and most effective ones is the LikeShop feature. It's a simple, easy to use functionality that helps brands invaluably and efficiently turn Instagram into a source of revenue.

Here's how to use it.

Drive Traffic and Revenue with LikeShop

It remains impossible to include live links on Instagram. Except for one place: the prized spot in your account bio where you can redirect your followers to a web page of your choosing. Where do you want to send them? It's the perfect opportunity to convert your favorite social media platform into an actual source of revenue for your brand.

Like, shop us.

Face it: half of the comments on your Instagram posts are followers (aka consumers) asking about the style, the price and where they can get their hands on the item featured in the shot. The best you've been able to do until now is reply to each one of those comments individually on a case-by-case basis.

Dash Hudson's LikeShop is the solution to the elusive how-to-buy-from-Instagram problem. And it's all about that precious link slot in your profile. The best thing is, there are no integrations, and setup takes all of 30 seconds.

Getting Set Up

Click on the Likeshop tab in the left-hand column.

It's one of the easiest and most effective ways to capitalize on your Insta-fame. First, log into your dashboard, and then click on the LikeShop tab on the left-hand side column.

The LikeShop tab houses all of your published Instagram photos, ready to be linked up.

You will see all of your Instagram photos that have been published to date. Click on the '+' icon on the top right corner of each photo to add a product link to the post. Bam. That post is now shoppable.

Your unique LikeShop page link located above the photos will lead to the page that will house all of the posts you've attributed product links to.

Your unique LikeShop link, ready to be added to your Instagram profile. It leads to all the posts you've linked with products to shop.

Any photo that lives inside that page is clickable, and will lead to the product page that you've attached it to. Add your custom LikeShop link to your Instagram bio and watch your followers convert into customers.

Your personalized LikeShop page! Vanity Fair instagram, Dash Hudson LikeShop, instagram for business, monetizing social media

It's a simple, elegant solution, and one that is guaranteed to increase your Instagram revenue.

Right this way to see how a retailer increased traffic and turned Instagram into a top revenue source by using LikeShop. Don't forget to contact us to learn more!

Set Up Your LikeShop