Dash Hudson’s LikeShop: Your Link in Bio Solution for Instagram

While Instagram continues to skyrocket as a top marketing channel, the need for clickable content that drives conversions has also grown significantly. Enter: Dash Hudson. Our data-driven visual marketing software is a complete solution for brands to create, schedule, publish, and monitor photos and videos with a boost from AI technology. When it comes to Instagram ROI, our LikeShop feature is second to none.

Here's how to use it.

Drive Traffic and Revenue with LikeShop

Instagram is where consumers discover new brands and products and get inspo for their closet, home, or next meal. The channel has become a visual hub for shopping, education, and storytelling. Brands across industries are tasked with deepening engagement with their followers, and converting them into real customers. When your photos and videos are stopping your audience mid-scroll, you can take them a step further down the funnel with just one click.

Dash Hudson's LikeShop is the complete solution for brand exploration and conversion. Brands can maximize their coveted bio space with a dedicated shoppable feed. Now, you can redirect your followers to any product, page, or form in one seamless experience. It helps retain the organic, in-feed feel for users while providing them a hub to find what they need externally in a way that’s easy to navigate. The best thing is, there are no integrations, and setup takes all of 30 seconds.

Like, shop us.

Getting Set Up



LikeShop is the easiest and most effective way to capitalize on your high-performing photos and videos. First, log into your dashboard, then click on the Scheduler tab in the top menu. This tab houses all of your scheduled Instagram content, ready to be linked up. Click on a post and then select “Add Links”. To direct LikeShoppers to a single page, select anywhere in the photo and paste a link. For photos with multiple products, click each product to add a unique link to it. Bam. That post is now shoppable.


Add a custom LikeShop link to your Instagram bio and watch your followers convert into customers. Your unique LikeShop page houses all of the posts you've attributed product links to, in order of when you posted them. Any photo that lives inside that page is clickable, and directs users to the product page that you've attached it to. It's a simple, elegant resource for optimizing ROI.


Need to see for yourself? Here’s how an e-tailer increased traffic and turned Instagram into a top revenue source by using LikeShop.

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