How Dash Hudson’s Boards Improve Instagram Content Performance

Akin to Santa's workshop, the sprites here at Dash Hudson are constantly working on new tools that will enable you to get even more granular with your brand's Insta happenings. We just rolled out Boards, which is an ultra sophisticated functionality built to improve your content quality and boost performance.

Get your bibs out, cause there might be some drooling.

Data for breakfast!

Dash Hudson's Boards are now live! It's a new and super exciting tool that was created to help brands understand their Instagram content performance by providing the ability to compare select groups of posts - think black and white shots vs. colored ones, or LA influencers vs. New York influencers - and evaluate performance based on total reach and average engagement. Not only do they seriously enhance our platform's other analytics, but they’re also super fun.

Yay, data!

We’ve been talking a lot about repurposing UGC as of late and how it’s essentially a fail-proof content strategy for Instagram. Urban Outfitters figured this out early on and is now well known for their use of repurposed earned reach. Through this continual positive reinforcement to fans, they've been able to create an exponentially increasing flow of free content.

In fact, they now see an endless supply of UGC and have made it incredibly easy to track with a series of unique hashtags. They’re currently reaching millions every day in an authentic, trustworthy way while reaping a wealth of top quality content. Like we've said countless times before, win-win.

Boards-unrelated: our UGC tools provide brands with curated selections of top performing content. Think of it as your UGC Brita - purely filtered, no spam.

So just how well is this strategy working for Urban Outfitters in terms of performance? We divided their recent content onto two boards: Original Content and Repurposed UGC. Here’s what we saw using 19 posts per board:

Repurposed UGC takes the cake, exceeding their own content in terms of average engagement, which proves it’s not only a fail-proof strategy for Urban Outfitters, but also a better strategy than creating their own content.

While this was a close race, Repurposed UGC took the lead with an average engagement rate of 2.76%. Pretty good, considering that the overall average engagement rate for the Urban Outfitters Instagram account currently comes in at 2.36%.

Seeing as it’s becoming increasingly important for content marketers to understand their audience and provide them with quality content, going even deeper and extrapolating which types of images out of the repurposed UGC are performing best becomes a valuable exercise. And since we eat data for breakfast, we decided to keep digging for trends. Tee hee.

We came up with five different categories based on the types of content they post: UO Home, Southern Shots (i.e. palm trees), Products Shots, Food/Drink and Northern Shots (i.e. snowy mountains). Here’s what we saw using 9 posts per board:

The results are clear; ‘UO Home’ takes the win with an average engagement rate of 3.24%.

Their audience is clearly into interior design: out of the repurposed content, UO Home photos are performing significantly better than any other category based on engagement. Hello, bedrooms with Christmas lights!

The first runner up is Northern Shots with an average engagement rate of 2.89%, outperforming palm trees (who knew?!) at 2.61%. Trailing behind were Product Shots and Food/Drink, but not by much with average engagement rates of 2.51% and 2.41% respectively.

To sum it up, understanding these trends becomes an invaluable way to be in tune with your audience, and allows you to significantly improve the quality of content you put out, now that it can be backed up by performance assessments. The possibilities are endless because Dash Hudson literally makes it easy as can be.

We also have a parting gift for you: an overall view of the boards in order of engagement. Feast your eyes and join our breakfast data buffet.

Pretty shiny things, the @urbanoutfitters various content boards in order of  engagement.

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