The Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to Instagram: A SlideShare

instagram Jan 07, 2016

Are you a data nerd like we are? Of course you are. Then you're going to love this.

Our awesome co-founder and CEO Thomas is an endless well of marketing tips and tricks, mainly because he works hard, is always open for learning opportunities, is super insightful and has the experience to back up his findings.

It's your lucky day, sport, because he just published a piece on SlideShare (fun!) that makes data sound very flirtatious. It's an exhaustive document in which he lays out very clearly and helpfully what marketers should really be concentrating on when it comes to running their company's Instagram account.

In case you needed any more convincing because you thought I was biased, it just made the featured list on the homepage. NBD.

I've embedded it below. It's a doozy. Dont' miss out.

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