DKNY is Back: Insights on How the World Saw Their Re-launch on Instagram

instagram Sep 18, 2015


The re-launch of an iconic brand.

Much had been written about the business and creative restructuring at DKNY. The departure of Donna Karan, combined with the hiring of Maxwell Osborne and Dao Yi Chow of Public School signaled that a major revamp was underway in an attempt to modernize the brand and elevate its relevancy.

In early August, the entire DKNY Instagram feed was wiped clear, removing all content created by popular Aliza Licht (DKNY PR Girl). The account content was replaced with the following twelve images.

Erasing internet history 101. Source: Instagram

Fastforward to 9.16.15, and the coming out party for the new aesthetic during NYFW.

Models on the runway at Path hall for the DKNY NYFW15 show.

The show garnered largely positive reviews, and was a solid (if unshowy) effort from Osborne and Yi Chow. The editors have had their say, but what was happening on Instagram in the wake of the relaunch?

We used the Dash Hudson platform to analyze data surrounding the brand, and look at the impact of the re-launch on the @DKNY Instagram account. On the day of the show, DKNY came back to life in a big way. Here are the most liked photos from the new, refreshed DKNY feed.

Black and white for the win.

The DKNY Instagram account also received a big bump in followers, adding 2,000 in one day.

Showing the impact of the re-launch on the @dkny follower count. Data by Dash Hudson, obvi.

While it's interesting to see the content approach being taken by the DKNY social marketing team, and the resulting impact of that content, we can learn even more by looking at how the rest of Instagram was buzzing about DKNY.

First, we conducted some deep mining to understand how many people DKNY reached on Instagram through content featuring the brand, including from DKNY's own feed, but largely posted by publications, influencers, and a general audience of fans. On Sept 16, DKNY reached an astonishing 35 million people through this content.

A massive reach for DKNY on its big day.

What our strategy team found most interesting about the 35m reach was the stunning quality of the content featuring the brand, and the influential people and publications who were talking about the brand.

Next, we looked more closely at the content featuring the brand to see which of that content was most influential, and reached the largest audience. See here an ordering of the top most influential content featuring DKNY on Sept 16.

A myriad of gorgeous, and tres influential snaps.

The top image from the day speaks volumes. Posted by Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine), the photo captures the anticpation of new beginnings.

A fresh start for DKNY.

If you are interested in learning more about how we do this, we work closely with luxury and aspirational brands to get deep insights on their content to guide strategy, and provide solutions to creation, collection, and distribution that grow audiences, and drive revenue.

Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson