Dogs and Hot Models in Nerdy Glasses: The Magical Instagram World of Warby Parker

instagram insights Sep 30, 2015

A distruptive eyewear company. Who would've thunk it?

Warby Parker is one of the most fascinating companies of our generation. Who would have thought that there was such a huge opportunity to disrupt an industry such as eyeglasses? An amazingly consumer friendly business model, great products, as well as incredible branding and content marketing have set Warby apart from the rest. They also have a killer Instagram.

At Dash Hudson, we work with the world's most discerning and raddest brands to grow and monetize on Instagram. Needless to say, we love us some Warby, so we dove into their Instagram content to see what makes their world so magical.

Here are the four reasons why Warby Parker crushes it on Instagram:

1. They Get Amazing Organic Reach

They Warby Parker brand has such an 'it' factor among both men and women, that wearers of the glasses feel compelled to tag and share. For men especially, tagging a pair of glasses is less gauche than tagging a pair of new jeans. This means that Warby gets incredibly consistent organic reach courtesy of both genders, reaching an average of 200k people on Instagram on the daily. Whoa.

So many wonderful photo tags. They really like us.

2. They are Beloved by the Cool Kids

Now really, who wouldn't want an influential following that includes Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts, and Kevin Systrom? Warby is beloved by the cool kids who come out to support the brand in a myriad of ways. Glitter glitter everywhere.

Hey Kevin, where's Joe?

3. Hot Models in Nerdy Glasses

One can debate if Warby has started this trend or not, but hot models in nerdy glasses is most certainly a thing. Case and point, Erin Heatherton and friend Charly Hillman being nerdy and hot.

Nerdy models. Be still our beating hearts. Source: Instagram

4. Dogs

The results are in: canines crush on Instagram. A quick glance at Warby's most commented-on photos ever shows that dogs in glasses are a content marketer's best friend.

Everest, Ryder, Zuma, Chase, and Marshall.

So there you have it. Great content, an engaged fan base, and the unwavering support of dogs and models. Warby makes it seem so easy.

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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson