Drumroll, Please—DH Story Boards Are Here

instagram stories analytics Mar 13, 2019

ICYMI — Instagram Stories analytics are sort of a big deal for marketers in 2019. You know we have you covered for your most impactful marketing channel.

Here’s how to engage and convert your captive audience. Go on — leave ‘em wanting more.

Stories are a direct stream to your followers’ day-to-day. Vertical video and tap-through are basically muscle memory, and these actions have rewritten the way consumers interact with brands. Marketers are now hoping to catch their audience's eyes for a hot minute of tuned in attention to their brand story—an opportunity to create major empathy and even a cult following. With billions of daily users, smart marketers know that Instagram Stories are a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

With great power comes great responsibility. We know you’ve got the hang of it already, but how do you glow up your Stories game and harness all of this potential? Your audience wants engaging content, and let’s face it, they are getting it from all angles. Time to rise above the noise and give the people what they want.

We recently hooked you up with DH Story Studio so you can create that perfect curated uncurated content, reminiscent of your fav staged shot that looks totally candid—it’s bomb because it looks effortless (even if it wasn’t). Two of our customers REVOLVE and CLIQUE, saw huge results with that je ne sais quoi vibe achieved with SS for their story ads. Let’s get granular about how they did it.

Here’s how to use your new tool BFF to drive Stories KPIs and slay the tap-through.

1. Get the Cold Hard Stats

Story performance is obvs measured differently than that of your permanent feed. With Boards, you can get real deep with what photos and videos are resonating with your audience. Whether you want to uncover if shelfies get a higher reach, or takeovers drive your exit rate, just segment and sort. Looking to go even further? Sort your individual board content to pick up on resonating visual trends that move the metrics that matter. Voila! Data-backed decisions.

instagram stories

2. Rivals, Smoked

Every brand is trying to capture the attention of their audience rn, and there is only so much to go around. Rise above the standard content stream and leave your competitors in the rearview. Make the most of every story interaction with actionable insights, and pinpoint exactly what works and what doesn’t so you can stay bae for your crew. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

3. Bespoke Benchmarks

Now that you have your followers’ undivided attention, level up on every post or campaign with Dash Hudson’s Story Boards. Group your content by franchises and series, and create your own content pillars. Comparing holiday campaign success? Need to know if your latest takeover got more replies than the last? Finally access the data that will keep you on track and help you to improve post to post.

instagram stories analytics

You asked, DH delivered. Story Boards was created after our in-feed content segmentation tool Boards created some serious magic and [attracted big praise.](/increase-engagement/" target="blank) Our brands were craving the actionable insights they knew and loved from DH —you know we wouldn’t dare leave you hanging.

So there you have it, fam. All the tools you need to create, captivate, and convert with every story card.

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instagram stories analytics

Maggie Hickey

Director of Strategic Partnerships @ Dash Hudson