Engaging and Far Reaching Insta Vacations: Triangl Takes Followers to The Maldives

instagram Nov 20, 2015

With just over 2 million followers and fans like Kendall Jenner and Beyonce, Triangl is doing well soaring. Between the beautiful babes, beaches and bathers, it’s not hard to see how the company has managed to skyrocket to worldwide recognition since their launch in 2012.

Their colorful, flattering suits lend themselves so incredibly well to selfies, it's no wonder they've been spreading through Instagram feeds like wildfire. Obviously, we couldn't resist taking a closer look. #datanerds

Babes in biknis: Triangl's area of expertise. Source: @seewantshop Instagram

So, how are they keeping the spark alive? Triangl recently took their followers on an intimate vacation to the electric blue waters of The Maldives with babely Australian fashion blogger Lisa Hamilton (aka @seewantshop) in tow. The timing was right on target with temperatures slowly dropping and the holiday season fast approaching.

Turns out, tropical vacations aren’t only good for the soul, they’re good for your Instagram account, too. A little digging into Triangl’s impromptu getaway Insta data revealed that leveraging content and creating moments is an engagement goldmine.

Observe yonder.

High Engagement

A little teaser of an aerial shot of Cocoa Island one week before the trip made it to sound like spontaneous venturing. Followers clearly felt the butterflies and responded with just over 90K double taps, making this post one of their top published to date. Maldives FTW.

Location scouting in The Maldives? Sign us up. One of Triangl’s most liked and commented-on posts of all time. Source @triangl Instagram

The tickling continued just a few days before their Cocoa Island adventures, as they made their official announcement.

Hook, line and sinker. People fell hard for you, Cocoa Island. Source: @triangl Instagram

In wanting to maximize engagement and capture their audience's undivided attention, they continued to give their followers a play-by-play of their glamorous vacay, all the while prompting them to peep at Lisa's Insagram for exclusive behind the scenes intel.

Real juicy live posts. Nothing scheduled here.

So exclusive. Source: @triangl Instagram

![When all the colors werk in harmony. Source: @triangl Instagram](/content/images/2015/11/Screen-Shot-2015-11-11-at-5-48-31-PM.png)
#####A Preference for Perspective

Nothing induces lust quite like photos that make you feel something and transform a fantasy world into a nearly tangible one. And Triangl clearly knows it: the shot below is the most influential post of the entire trip, with a higher than average engagement rate of 2.13%.

Those blues though. Source @seewantshop Instagram

Arriving in second place is yet another perspective photo, which transports users to a land far, far away - aka, the crystal clear aqua water of the Indian Ocean - leading to almost 200 new followers for Triangl. (Contact us to learn more about how to get these metrics.)

You can almost literally feel the warm water on your toes. Source: @seewantshop Instagram

Insane Reach

While high engagement rates are a strong indicator of campaign success, the big question for most brands is just how far reaching their efforts have been. We took a gander and were surprised to see that Triangl has seen huge jumps in daily reach, from 400K - 800K to almost 10M, just from being in the Maldives.

A total reach of just over 28M! Oh la la.

This continues to prove that maintaining an inclusive spirit, along with spontaneity and authenticity, lead to high engagement, which translates to big reach. Keep the impromptu vacays coming, Instagrammers!

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