Evolving an Instagram Strategy to Keep Pace with a Changing Brand [Case Study]

Dash Hudson Vision May 15, 2019

Tell a bigger brand story on Instagram in the best way possible.

Namesake designer brand Kendra Scott is known for its creative jewelry line, but unbeknownst to some, the brand has a lot more to offer. The Texas born brand has recently entered new markets, as well as built out new product lines. Expansion such as this always begs the question—how can a brand successfully appeal to its current audience, and maintain its aspirational aesthetic when launching something new? Having an ever-evolving assortment means the savvy social team at Kendra Scott has also had to master how they communicate the brand identity—especially to the dedicated KS community on Instagram!

We sat down with the Kendra Scott social team to learn exactly how the team has achieved extraordinary results on Instagram in light of new lifestyle content gracing the brand’s feed. Launching new products while ensuring your content continues to resonate with your loyal fans can be a complicated process—but we’ve got the insider how-to knowledge coming at you via a beautiful case study.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to get noticed for all the right reasons, and tell a bigger brand story on Instagram in the best way possible.
  • Why being attentive to your followers is essential, and how to leverage data to do so.
  • The follower growth that Kendra Scott has experienced since working with Dash Hudson.
  • What Dash Hudson’s Vision technology is, and how it enables Kendra Scott to tailor its content to its audience’s taste.

Wet your whistle with the short excerpt below, and get the full PDF.

It all started with sparkle. Austin-based fine jewelry brand Kendra Scott specializes in crafting unique yet timeless natural gemstone accessories with a focus on quality. The brand’s beautiful jewelry creations lend well to the visual world of Instagram, so it’s only natural that the social network has become a key marketing channel for the company.

Namesake designer Kendra Scott’s creativity doesn’t end with jewelry—the brand has also expanded into homewares, creating divinely fragrant candles, minimalist jewelry organizers, and other nesting goodies that add visual interest to any living space. In light of these additions, the social team at Kendra Scott was tasked with introducing more lifestyle-oriented products and messaging to its community on Instagram. The key? Doing so in a way that would still resonate with followers who were accustomed to seeing mostly product laydowns and jewelry-oriented content in the past.

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Header image: @kendrascott

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