Who to Follow on Instagram: the Publications

who to follow on instagram Dec 03, 2015

Oh, Instagram. A bottomless well of inspiration. The categories are multiple, their respective players all better than the next. Are you getting an Insta-headache from all the options of beautiful accounts at your fingertips? Hit the refresh button with the must-follow feeds I've identified. The pleasure is all yours (and maybe a tad mine, too).

We've all been sucked in by the Instagram vortex. I happen to do it as my job, therefore the hours I spend on the daily scrolling through the photo-sharing app are completely justified. But for those of you whose livelihood does not depend on your Instagram savviness, it can be a real counter-productive wormhole. The struggle is indeed real.

Start humming hallelujah, cause here I am again to save you some precious clock ticks with my aptly named Who to Follow on Instagram series. Because what could be better on a Friday? The category explored for this installment: Publications. Slow clap.

There are so many magazines on Instagram with incredibly beautiful and addictive grids, so this one was hard to narrow down. Without further ado, here are the accounts that deliver the real good stuff beyond their glossy pages, the top fashion authorities on Instagram for the informed and the dreamers... drum roll, please:

@voguemagazine is basically a bible. They're a must-follow.

Vogue or bust, baby.

@vogueparis is like the cooler, edgier younger sister to its American counterpart. Nothing wrong with either, but different in great ways.

The edgier little sister. Tee hee.

It's pretty safe to say that Andy would be very happy with what @interviewmagazine is doing today on the beloved photo-sharing platform.

Being interviewed in Interview: #goals.

@wmag owns its image and knows exactly who they are and who they're speaking to. It's very refreshing.

High fashion moments at all times.

The @nytimesfashion account brings an amazing glimpse of the style set on the streets.

Real and aspirational is the word here.

The quintessential @harpersbazaarus does a great job at fostering their upscale fashion image while speaking to the masses.

It's upscale, but it's also fun. Party time!

True to their boundary-pushing roots, @id_magazine brings a refreshing quirk to the high fashion world with its young, playful, British take on things.

Always be winking.

@AnOthermagazine is, yes, another fashion mag. But not just another - they contribute an egdy perspective that it both fun and fascinating to follow.

Step outside the box and witness some fashion magic.

@crfashion book. Carine Roitfeld. Need we say more?

One word: Carine.

Anything Katie Grand touches turns to gold. And that includes the very popular @thelovemagazine, cult-following and all.

In love with Love!

@papermagazine: celebs in an artsy light, on steroids. So good.

What you actually want to see from celebrities. Because stars, they're not just like us.

The little one of the bunch is @stylebymagazine, because their refined Scandinavian point of view is truly aspirational.

Scandinavia FTW.

Ok, so @vanityfair is not fashion per say, but I'm including them regardless because they run the world. H/T to Graydon.

Who run the world? Graydon Carter.

Got any that you think should have made this list? Let us know!