Getting the Q&A Treatment: Melissa Sonico

influencers Apr 05, 2016

We all love learning mundane things about the people who fascinate us, right? So in an effort to tap into our shameless voyeuristic tendencies, we started a Q&A series with the people of Instagram who tug at our heartstrings.

For all you Kinkfolk-y addicts with a penchant for SoCal minimalism, get ready to be excited: we had a lovely chat with Melissa Sonico from @melissasonico (among other ventures) because we're head over heels in love with her aesthetic.

In fact, we're beginning to think that cool is a California requirement. And that is the plain, simple truth.

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It's hard to imagine Southern California dwelling as anything less than paradise, but then there are people like Melissa Sonico who take it up a notch and bring it to a whole new level of heavenly. Her Instagram gallery is peppered with shots of her insanely effortless style, flawless home decor corners, beautiful scenery and foliage native to that part of the country, as well as photogenic and fomo-inducing establishments that she #blesses with her patronage (and lens).

Lest we not forget photos of her ridiculously adorable baby, Harrison.

It would basically be impossible not to be inspired after taking just a quick glance at her account. Which leads us to posing the following query: how is it possible to be so consistently good? We had to find out more. Read on to learn what Melissa's up to on Friday nights, what her guilty pleasure is and what she can't live without.

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Name yourself and your claim to fame:
Melissa Sonico, fiction writer, fashion/lifestyle blogger, necklace designer, mama to Harrison

1. Where’s your home base and why do you love it?
Southern California. I love it because it's so close to so many things: the desert (Palm Springs), the city (Los Angeles), the beaches, and the mountains. And... the food!

2. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
These days, home with Johnny and our boy, watching something on Hulu and eating takeout.

3. Three things you can’t live without?
My boys, chai tea lattes, a Muji pen.

4. What’s on your travel bucket list?
Cross country road trip!

5. What’s your biggest vice?
Procrastination, absolutely.

6. Coffee or tea?
Tea, always!

7. Sweet or savory?
Put them together!

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Crazy Ex Girlfriend. That show is ridiculous.

9. First celebrity crush?
Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell (not Mark-Paul, just Zack) ... That really shows my age, doesn't it?

10. Who’s your style icon?
Kirsten Dunst. She really, really does effortless well.

Don't forget to follow Melissa on Instagram, and you can also learn more about her work on her website.

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