In Dialogue with Glossier at the Glossy Forum [Case Study]

In case you hadn't noticed, we feel very strongly about robust Instagram content strategies here at Dash Hudson. So much so that we spoke about it at last week's Glossy Forum in New York City to a room full of top industry executives.

When it comes to smart Instagram marketing, beauty brand Glossier is tough to beat. They also happen to be one of our customers (we know, lucky us). We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Ali Weiss, their VP of growth, to chat about their approach and how working with Dash Hudson propelled their growth on the platform.

We thought we'd offer you a recap.

Glossier Instagram content strategy marketing social media optimization Burgeoning beauty brand Glossier appears to be towering over their competition when it comes to Instagram. They far surpass their category's benchmark metrics on the platform, and have a cult-like following stemming from their roots at Into the Gloss. Somehow, somewhere, they found the magic formula that enables them to grow their audience and their average engagement rate in tandem - not an easy feat.

So what exactly is the secret behind Glossier's social success? That's precisely what our co-founder/CEO, Thomas Rankin, and Ali Weiss, the brand's VP of growth, discussed at the Glossy Forum last week.

A peek at their presentation:

Glossier's primary marketing focus has revolved around Instagram, leveraging both content and community to tell their brand's story. Ultimately, what sets them apart other than being supercool is the forging of deep connections with their followers. Seeing as the business was literally born in Insta, those relationships run deep and the smart marketers over at Glossier are deliberately fostering them to then tap into their power.

Says Ali:

It’s the place where we’re seeing the most reach coupled with the most engagement. We’re able to explore Glossier not only through the brand’s angle, but in pictures that we’re tagged in and then see who’s tagging us and make connections from that.

Achieving success is one thing, but sustaining it is another. Especially in this oversaturated landscape. Pack leaders know that you can't survive on accolades alone and that identifying ways to measure all of that great content is the key to not only surviving, but straight up thriving. And when IG is the primary cornerstone of your marketing strategy, there is only one place to turn: Dash Hudson.

Glossier instagram engagement content strategy marketing measuring performanceThose engagement rates are off the hook!

On stage at the Glossy conference, Ali chatted about the tremendous care they put into engaging with their community in a true, genuine capacity. Nurturing that affinity with their audience has resulted in an unprecedented beauty movement, only made more powerful through Dash Hudson's sophisticated content performance measuring tools. They have rendered their strategy better informed and helped the brand make choices that resulted in an even stronger following.

In a world where the customer can be reached in a million different ways, content needs to work overtime to maximize those connections. Without a carefully crafted course of action and failing to keep an ear to the ground, a brand can only go so far. Content intelligence pairs perfectly with a strong vision and the avidity to execute it - aka precisely the backbone of the Glossier entity. Our CEO Thomas said it best: "Data is not a sledgehammer. Data is a whisper."

The Glossier x Dash Hudson conscious coupling was a match made in Insta heaven: the beauty startup's unique personality, bold creative direction, and strong community involvement allowed our data mining tools to perform the very best whispers possible, helping them achieve and maintain groundbreaking results. Instagram may be a visual platform, but metrics are the last thing to ignore when it comes to measuring and optimizing content performance.

Glossier's Instagram inherently corroborates that philosophy.

Glossier Dash Hudson instagram marketing content strategy visual intelligence

In fact, the journey has been so fun and interesting that it made for a perfect case study. Lucky you, even if you missed the presentation at the Glossy Forum, the report is now available to download for free. Get it now to learn what challenges Glossier's had to face, the goals they strived to reach, and ultimately, how Dash Hudson's tools informed their strategy to help them grow their audience as well increase their engagement rate.

As Glossier has managed to triumph in both the tangible and the abstract parts of brand-building, we'd say this is a must-read.


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