Glossier: "Jump!" Everyone: "How high?!"

instagram Nov 05, 2015

You guys, Glossier is on a serious roll and we went and analyzed their Instagram data to see just how big of a bang the beauty startup is making. These folks are moving and shaking.

A cute and suspenseful Instagram teaser in true Glossier form. One gander at the comments reveals palpable excitement.

Into the Gloss kind of revolutionized how girls talk about beauty on the internet. Its special brand of relatability, unlike most media sources, can likely be attributed to the fact that it started as a blog by a mogul-in-the-making (hi, Emily!), who truly filled a gap that was missing in the world wide web landscape. She made beauty a conversation. Mind blown.

Fast forward a few years and the Glossier brand (that's glossy-eh for you non-connoisseurs), ITG's derivative line of products, was born on social and raised by the community Into the Gloss had created, as new audiences discovered it through clever online marketing. Welcome to the new age of cult following. So much genius.

So.Much.Genius. Source: Glossier email newsletter

Having had an ear to the ground among its readership for many years through the site, the ITG lasses (aka miz Weiss) accumulated incredible insight on what real modern girls look for in beauty products thanks to its inclusive, conversational spirit. Turns out that listening to your audience really pays off, which is how Glossier was born and how it is soaring full speed ahead. They're literally fulfilling their community's beauty needs.

Oh baby, baby. Baby, baby.

Being a wee baby - Glossier only launched a year ago - their line is small, yet the demand is high. Which explains all the noise a new product launch garners. Just how much noise? Let's find out.

They just released a limited-edition candy-inspired face mask gift set for the holidays and the fans are going, well, bonkers, for lack of a better term. Being the progeny of Instagram, how did this launch fare on the mothership?

Let's observe.

While Glossier's account sees a pretty steady stream of new follower acquisiton on the daily, you can clearly observe on this chart that it reaches a peak after announcing the release the morning of November 2nd.

On the set's launch day, November 2nd, we see a major spike in the reach. The gram was a buzzin'.

So many comments on that one post announcing the new set! Girls be updating their Christmas list.

A goldmine of quality UGC. Glossier is its own gift that keeps on giving.

Conclusion: a Glossier product release is Instagram gold #GlossierPink.

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