Grace Coddington Living Icon Status Confirmed on Instagram

A mere two days ago, a major bomb was dropped on the fashion industry: Grace Coddington, the spunky sidekick with the fiery hair to Anna Wintour's, um, less warm persona, was to step down from her role as Creative Director of American Vogue after being there for almost 30 years.

Pick your jaws up from off the floor, we have some Instagram foraging to do.

Grace's love of felines makes her even more likeable. Source: @stylebop Instagram

While Anna Wintour has been flirting with fame for the majority of her career as the ultimate Vogue boss lady, her second in command has (willingly) remained on the sidelines, completely disinterested in leading a high profile life even though she dabbled in it in her youth. For a very long time, no one knew much about Wintour's #2, only that she really liked cats and that she was a genius of a stylist.

And then, in spite of herself, she was thrust into the spotlight (and into everyone's hearts), as she became the unexpected star of a little film called The September Issue, in which Grace's endearing personality brought a human facet to Vogue's previous Devil Wears Prada image. She basically made the movie.

Just like that, she was no longer the anonymous character admired deeply by her peers for her stunning work, but had become this larger-than-life emblematic representation of what people had been led to believe didn't exist at the elite publication.

Sure, she had a whole past life before she came to American Vogue, helping to shape it into what it is today, but the fact that she has been there since 1988 made the news hard to digest for a lot of people. While she is staying on as Creative Director at Large, she will now be taking on projects outside of the magazine, which promises a very bright future for the woman who, like her beloved kitties, seems to have lived multiple lives already.

When a person of this much influence so much as whispers, the ground starts shaking. Imagine when something truly sizeable happens. Once the story broke, the Instagram posts honoring Grace multiplied by the second, and it's safe to say that what Vogue magazine might have lost in commitment from its popular employee was certainly made up for in social media exposure.

Below is a graph of their Instagram UGC in just the past 3 days, skyrocketing in the multi-millions from almost non-existent. The photos contributing to that reach? Those Grace thumbnails below the chart, which were posted by fans and comrades alike.

They'll always have Vogue.

The fashion world was caught in an Insta-tizzy, while all of these public accolades from her peers served to essentially solidify her status as a living icon. Here are some of our favorite posts that paid homage to Grace Goddington's priceless contribution to American Vogue and to the fashion industry as whole.

In playful Marc Jacobs form.

"It's not me, it's you." @therealgracecoddington to #AnnaWintour during the biggest breakup of 2016. // @voguemagazine

A photo posted by Choupette Lagerfeld (@choupettesdiary) on

Karl Lagerfeld's "cat", Choupette, couldn't resist getting in on the action, with its very own brand of cheeky humor.

#wcw End of an era. #Grace. #goddess #love @voguemagazine

A photo posted by @bethbehrsreal on

Two broke girls actress Beth Behrs kept it real.

A true pioneer for women and fashion, thank you for many years of inspiration! #gracecoddington

A photo posted by House Of Harlow 1960 (@houseofharlow1960) on

House of Harlow couldn't have chosen a more on-brand shot of Grace for their reverence.

Paper Magazine kicked it old school with one of Grace's old modeling photos.

The Cut expressed their admiration by making a collage inspired by Grace herself and the rich journey she continues to trek on.

Needless to say, the #GraceCoddington hashtag was trending! Which, come to think of it, couldn't be more fitting for someone who made the trends dreamy for 30 years...

So much Grace! So much style! All of the influential photos tagged with #GraceCoddington, reaching over 2 million people.

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