How to Grow Your Instagram Account by 138% [Case Study]

One of life's biggest questions is how to grow on Instagram when you're starting from scratch. #truestory

The ubiquitous photo-sharing app remains one of the most viable channels on which brands can rise thanks to its (mostly) organic nature. That said, it's hard enough for established businesses to build an audience on the app, let alone having to toil away when you're just trying to make a name for yourself.

Instagram marketing is indeed a bit of a double-edged sword: on one hand, never in history have brands ever been granted so much access to their consumers, but on the other hand, it makes for a really crowded space where differentiation is vital and not exactly a conspicuous endeavor. Those are the joys of social marketing. What a time to be alive.

That's precisely the scenario that newb health and wellness brand Ritual found itself in when it entered the business Instagram landscape. Having found a hole in the market for vitamins, the company set out to reinvent the way women approach supplements in a way that speaks to this savvy, socially aware generation.

In this day and age, the dialogue starts on Instagram, for the most part. The Ritual team knew that creating a visual brand journey on Insta would allow them to engineer a specific image that would resonate with their target demographic, and consequently unlock the holy grail of customer acquisition.

But as it turns out, racking up Instagram followers wasn't just a matter of publishing cool visuals. If you build it they will come not so much. In order to hit the ground running and to achieve maximal Instagram growth, Ritual had to put the pedal to the metal — that's where we come in. The Dash Hudson platform acted as the pill company's very own remedy, and enabled their fledgling account to grow by a staggering 138%.

How this was achieved is all beautifully laid out in our newly released case study, where we break down effective Instagram strategy for business activities on the up and up. Among other things, you'll learn:

  • What actions Ritual took within the Dash Hudson platform to propel their account growth by 138%.
  • How to grow Instagram followers organically with the right solution.
  • What specific tools can be used to help brands market better on Instagram.
  • How to approach strategy and tailor it to meet specific goals.
  • The role community plays in social media marketing efforts and how brands can leverage Dash Hudson to cultivate theirs.

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Growing Pains

From the beginning, Ritual focused its Instagram content strategy on creating an aesthetically pleasing feed. The brand’s content pillars included product shots, behind- the-scenes posts, and inspirational imagery. Nevertheless, understanding what content was performing proved to be difficult. A short supply of audience insights and low visibility into user-generated content (UGC) made finding and leveraging influencers difficult and time-consuming. As a fast growing company, additional challenges arose regarding content planning, scheduling, and internal collaboration. If Ritual wanted to achieve its Instagram audience growth goals, it was time to search for a remedy to its ailments!

The Cure

Ritual turned to Dash Hudson to alleviate its pain points by bringing all the tools it needed to be successful on Instagram together in one place.

We’ve shifted our strategy to focus more on engagement and what we see performs best for our audience. This means more UGC, more “raw” photos (no stock), and focusing more on the quality of content vs. checking of a requirement from a category that we were trying to post about.
-Lauren Hayes, VP of Partnerships & Community

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