Which Part of the Hamptons is Right for Your Labor Day Weekend? Let's Ask Instagram!

Got any Labor Day Weekend Plans? Time to make some.

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Can we just pause for a second and take in the fact that it's Labor Day weekend NEXT WEEKEND. Yup, the hot season is about to come to a screeching halt and you prob haven't checked anything off the ol' summer bucket list. There's always next year. (You know, so you can repeat the pattern.)

If you're a New Yorker and you don't head "out East" between Memorial Day and Labor Day, then you've failed your summer. Sure, that area of New York is chock full of stereotypes and clichés, but based on the multiple famous blogger spottings on the 'Gram in various Hamptons hot spots, the Revolve House and the myriad of summer pop-up shops courtesy of all kinds of cool brands, the edge of Long Island is more FOMO-inducing than ever.

In fact, everyone from Aimee Song to Sonya Esman, to the Suarez sisters, to FASHUN people, and don't forget the Australians(!) have been tagging various areas of this holiday region showcasing how much fabulous fun they're all having.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get in on the action come Labor Day weekend. And (spoiler alert!) since the world revolves around Instagram, we're going to help you choose which area to get your Hampton on according to their Insta popularity, because it's time to crank on your final summer hurrah. Tick tock.


As far as anyone's concerned, the Hamptons start at Southampton. Anything before that is child's play. Being the closest district to the city has its advantages, this summer especially: it's where Revolve rooted its summer party house and hosted the most influential people you follow on Instagram for an entire month. Southampton vacationers and Revolve party guests did not have to drive the extra stretch on Montauk Highway sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to their beach digs. Win!

The Southampton geotag received nearly 66 million organic impressions throughout the summer (that's Memorial Day to date). Popular spot, I'll say.
Southampton geotag Instagram reach metric

It doesn't shock us one iota that the summer's most influential Southampton geotagged post came courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski, aka @emrata. It reached over 2 million users and had a 3.97% engagement rate, which is incredibly high. Babes in bikinis on a beach - ba-bam!

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East Hampton

The Eastest (new word!) of the Hampton-monikered areas, East Hampton is smaller, which doesn't make it less chic. In fact, it actually makes it more chic. One town further and you reach Amagansett, for the more laid-back (yet just as haute) folk. Understated and megawealthy celebs dwell here.

The East Hampton geotag garnered more than 57.5 million organic impressions throughout the summer, landing as the second most popular, according to almighty Instagram.
East Hampton geotag Instagram reach metric

East Hampton's most influential Instagram post of the summer based on the geotag comes courtesy of the ultra fashionable and ever so chic Chiara Ferragni, aka the Blonde Salad. Her post reached over 1.9 million users and had a 1.79% engagement rate.

First time in the Hamptons and I'm loving it #TheBlondeSaladGoesToTheHamptons

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This part of the Hamptons is very niche with the riche, where it's known for horse racing (Hampton Classic, anyone?). Less hype, more calm, just as expensive. Lots of people building homes in these parts thanks to its mostly rural roots. Lotsss of fundraisers to attend around here.

The Bridghampton geotag reached almost 22 million impressions since the start of the summer season, a lot of those posts coming from real estate accounts. Buyers, take heed.
Bridghampton geotag Instagram reach metric

The most influential post tagged in Bridgehampton this summer is one heck of a mansion. No wonder it received almost 350K impressions and had a 1.23% engagement rate.

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor is where the cool wealthy people go who don't necessarily associate with all the regular chichi Hamptons fodder. Simply put: it's more laid-back and less of a scene. Sag Harbor folks retreat there because they crave an actual vacation and not New York City: beach edition.

While it's a more recent player on the Hamptons scene, it still received over 18 million impressions from geotags throughout the season.
Sag Harbor geotag Instagram reach metric

The most influential post that came from Sag Harbor's geotag location this summer is this sizzler from Elsa Hosk, reaching almost 800k users and engaging 3.5% of her 2.7 million follower audience.

Stay hydrated kids🚿💦 @shotbybryce

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Ok, so not technically a part of the Hamptons proper, but so dang popular with the cool fash crowd that we simply could not leave it off this list. It's no doubt going to reign geotag supreme come that requiem for a summer season, aka Labor Day weekend. If you're trying to escape the hipster fashion crowd, Montauk isn't for you. If you want to learn how to surf, go forth, friend. Just make sure you're Instagram-ready once you hit Ditch Plains.

From the beginning of summer to present day, the Montauk geotag received over 52 million impressions.
Montauk geotag Instagram reach metric

The summer's most influential Montauk geo-tagged post is by Lily Aldrige, receiving over 1.2 million impressions and an engagement rate of 1.67%.

Tough day at the office 🐳 @VogueMagazine

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Bonus: The Hamptons

And because you have people who don't care to get geographically specific and just tag "The Hamptons" at large, we couldn't overlook the popularity of this more general geotag. This won't help you pick the right area for your big Labor Day extravaganza, but it's sure to solidify why you should be there to throw down one final time before the equinox.

The Hamptons geotag reached almost 100 million users organically throughout the entire summer season, from Memorial Day weekend (the kick-off to Hampton-ing) to the present date. We'll let that sink in for a sec.

We can see in the graph below that there are periods of extreme engagement, which were high Hamptons traffic times for influencer comings and goings.
The Hamptons Instagram geotag engagement

The most influential post of the entire summer based on The Hamptons geotag is by Camila Coelho, which reached almost 1.4 million users and yielded a 1.96% engagement rate. If you look at the caption, you'll notice that this stemmed from the Revolve Hamptons house. Can you say big marketing win? Hell yeah.

Alright, kids - where you headed? Let us know below!

P.S. RIP summer 2016.

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