Happy Fourth of July From the DH Fam!

happy fourth Jul 04, 2018

Today, we celebrate America getting older. And we're feeling festive. 🇺🇸🍻🎉

@melodiemonrose in some kind of paradise situation in the Bogota Dress. #summer

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Only sunshine and smiles allowed on 'Murica's birthday.

Here we are again at the halfway point of the year, and you're probably trying to reconcile the fact that you've already over-extended yourself with summer plans and you can feel the season just slipping away from you. The Memorial Day to Labor Day chapter is a short one, and before long, September will come knocking.

Sounds to us like a great moment to think about what we've accomplished so far this year. We went into 2018 with bang, releasing Instagram Stories Benchmarks and LikeShop stats in the span of a week. Then we declared Instagram to be the new homepage and got down with visual intelligence. We proceeded by finding out not only the top performing brands on Instagram, but also the highest engagement-driving image format.

We cracked the algorithm, released some killer functionality like a community management tool and earned media value calculator, and were back it again with benchmarks, this time with effectiveness rate (and more recently, the bridal industry's).

We analyzed content, dealt with the Instagram API changes, taught publishers to monetize Instagram, and broke down the secrets to creating the perfect social content schedule. Oh, and we solved the Instagram ROI mystery. You know, among other things.

I ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈 !!!!!!! #TeamMiley @nbcthevoice #Malibu

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It's a party in the USA!

Celebration well earned, we'd say. With that said, let's toast to living a little (and to the US of A, duh). Find all of summer's best actionable reads laid out below and go for it. Cause, YOLO, ya know. 🇺🇸🍻🎉

The Best Travel Destinations of the Summer According to Instagram

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#####[The Most Instagrammable Spots in the Hamptons](https://blog.dashhudson.com/most-instagrammable-spots-the-hamptons-instagram-geotag-location-monitor/)
#####[The Most Popular NYC Beaches on Instagram, Ranked](https://blog.dashhudson.com/most-popular-instagram-geotag-location-search-beaches-new-york-city/" target="blank)
#####[REVOLVE in the Hamptons: Big Party, Serious Social Media Strategy](https://blog.dashhudson.com/instagram-marketing-case-study-revolve-clothing-influencer-strategy-dash-hudson/)
#####[The Most Popular Ice Cream in New York City](https://blog.dashhudson.com/most-popular-ice-cream-new-york-city-ranked/)

Now break's over, time to get back to 'cueing. 🍗🥩🌭🍻🎉🇺🇸

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