Happy 4th of July From the DH Fam!

holiday special Jul 03, 2017

Happy brithday, America! 🇺🇸 Now a word from our sponsors team.

May your day be filled with floral field frolics.

We're past the 2017 halfway point and we have all sorts of feeling about that, notably: where does the time go?! Certainly you share these sentiments as well. But we also have other things on our minds as we begin the year's second half. Such as:

  • How much we love what we do.

Real talk: we're lucky to be working with the raddest brands and publishers (you guys 🙏) belonging to an array of mega interesting and inspiring industries, and it's our number one priority to be doing the very best we can to fulfill all of their social content performance needs. We do this with extreme pleasure.

  • How nerdy we are (in a good way) and how far we've come.

We get really, really pumped when we start digging into the inner workings of what makes a great visual perform on social platforms and beyond. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing how fired up our customers get when we show them data they've never been able to access before. 🤓

  • How excited we are about the future.

Nothing drives us like the thought of how we can keep making our robust software tools even better (hint) to help propel all of your social marketing efforts even further. We're also continuously growing our team so we can better assist each of you. #famjam

You this weekend, hopefully.

In the meantime, we'd like to wish all of you a happy 4th of July holiday, where we hope you're making time for some much needed R&R alongside the festivities. And in the spirit of summertime, may we suggest catching up on some of the season's best reads from our archives. 🍓

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Let us know which one's your fav!

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