Happy New Year From the DH Fam!

happy new year Dec 31, 2018

Whatever your feelings are about the holiday season, it's coming to a close. We're about to turn a new leaf and begin a fresh chapter—2019. Whoa.

Today we reflect on the past 12 months as we start to think about all the good things that await in the next 365 days. We feel amazing about what's both in the rearview and what's coming. We're looking forward to coming back from the holidays having properly celebrated, rested, and primed ourselves for new challenges to come. The road ahead is unknown, which makes it all the more exciting. As long as we have you by our sides, we're going to thrive—that is a certainty.

The 1/1 proverbial reset button serves as clean slate. A chance to start things off on the right foot, whatever you deem that to be. For us, it's keeping on a growth path, prioritizing the happiness of our fam members (you!), providing the best service and social insights in the business, and doing it even better than last year.

We welcome you with open arms, 2019. Cheers to you, to us, and to what's to come. Now it's time for one last hurrah before unveiling the new calendar.


Header image: @reformation

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happy new year