A Very Harrods Christmas: Bright Lights and Sweet Treats FTW

instagram Dec 16, 2015

Ahh, Harrods. On an average day it’s magic, but in December? Next level.

Ever wonder how one of the world’s most well known luxury department store does Christmas on Instagram? You’re in for a visual treat, friends. Grab yourself a cup of tea and some Christmas biscuits, and let us transport you into the magical world that is Harrods during the holidays.

Sit back and enjoy some biscuits.

When you're the biggest department store in Europe, it’s only natural to go all out for the holiday season, amirite? The 1 million square foot store went all out for Christmas, undergoing a transformation that could turn anyone into a believer. Fortunately, Instagram is there for all the fans outside of the London area, feeding them with daily festive posts from their #HarrodsChristmas series.

We took a look at their Instagram account to see how this big merry push has contributed to engagement, reach, and to extract high-performing post trends during the lead-up to Christmas 2015.

Here’s what we saw.

1. Festival of Christmas Shopping Weekend: The Highest Peak
Engagement for @harrods peaked on Saturday, November 28th, which happened to be the second day of Harrods' Festival of Christmas shopping weekend. Their Instagram account saw their average engagement levels grow by 400% that day! Whether it was the buzz of the event, the higher frequency of posts, the quality of the photos, or simple yuletide cheer, followers were clearly feeling the holiday red that Saturday.

The top performing post from the day. Nothing says Christmas at Harrods quite like bears and baubles.

Another top achiever from November 28th: a lovely fiery Jenny Packham gown had followers dreaming of the 2015 holiday party season.

2. Extra Jolly UGC
As a multi-brand retailer, Harrods has the advantage of being connected to hundreds of top companies in addition to themselves having a lot of cachet. This makes them a hot topic for publications, bloggers and everyday Insta-users alike. Simply put, they have no shortage of UGC. Over the past month, @harrods organically reached 21.6M users through (extra jolly) UGC.

This @manoloblahnikhq post contributed a total reach of 1.9M the day it was published and grew the @harrods following by 107.

@wwd shared this dreamy Harrods window shot with their audience of 289K followers.

3. More UGC Came From #Harrods #Christmas Than #HarrodsChristmas
Although #HarrodsChristmas may be a great way for Harrods to categorize their ‘grams, the majority of posts with this hashtag are published by Harrods itself. Posts including #HarrodsChristmas have reached 5M this holiday season, but through a small total of 205 posts. On the other hand, posts including #Harrods and #Christmas reached 1M over the past month but offer four times the content, with a total of 830 posts just from this holiday season.

Holiday lights FTW. This shot from blogger @elenagalifa was one of the top performing UGCs featuring hashtags #Harrods and #Christmas.

4. Holiday Lights and Sweet Treats: Forever Trending
Not surprisingly, the top performing Harrods posts over the past month have been holiday related, with the exception of a beautifully bedazzled McQueen bag (fair). Followers have been feeling that Harrod’s Christmas magic, demonstrating a clear preference for posts featuring holiday lights and sweet treats.

This is top performing @harrods post from the entire 2015 holiday season. The iconic Knightsbridge store front. Lit.

The top performing holiday post from this past week it pretty brightened up as well. Literally vibing Christmas.

Take note: smiling snowmen buns will do amazing things for your engagement. This was the 4th top performing post from the 2015 holiday season.

Squeezing in just after the gltizy McQueen bag was this tasty treat. Yes, please!

In Conclusion: Christmas Is an Instagram Goldmine
No better way to kick off the holidays than with the Festival of Christmas in late November - it created some serious Insta buzz, which resulted in increased reach through a slew of never-ending extra festive UCG. Even brands like Manolo Blahnik got into it. Now that's pull.

The followers have spoken. Bring on the bright lights and sweet treats, @harrods!

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Jenny Pratt

Vice President of Customer Success at Dash Hudson