A Very Harrods Easter: Hello, Fresh Blooms & Cupcakes!

After some interesting discoveries made through Harrods' Instagram account over the Christmas season (read: cute snowmen pastries will do wonders for your engagement), we decided that it would only be fair to delve back into it for a second round of Holiday content to compare.


Easter came early this year, coinciding nicely with the start of spring for an overall content mix of pastel colors and bunny everything (but really though, what does the bunny say?). Similarly to Christmas, Harrods used a specific hashtag - #HarrodsEaster - to categorize their holiday-themed content, providing their audience with a mix of topical posts leading up to the long weekend's holy day.

Seeing as we were all over their yuletide efforts back in December, we figured we'd follow that up with a dive into how their Easter push contributed to engagement, reach, as well as content trends.

Here’s what we discovered:

1. Nothing Like Fresh Spring Bouquets for an Engagement Boost

Move over, Santa's bright lights! The audience has spoken: flowers crushed it on Insta this past week, as blooms stole the hearts of the Harrods audience. Compared to their average engagement rate of 0.51%, @moysesstevens’ bright bouquets made it rise to 0.81%. A telltale sign that spring is in the air.

The audience has spoken.

2. Blooms Burst with Organic Reach

Alice and Olivia joined in on the flower game, providing Harrods with an organic reach of ~379K by reposting the same @moysesstevens flower shot, and exposing their account to a whole new audience.

Because it's spring! The beautiful flowers @harrods

A photo posted by alice + olivia by StaceyBendet (@aliceandolivia) on

The trend continues.

Although brands can provide a very wide reach, influencers are generally able to achieve a much higher engagement rate per post. Out of all the bloggers who tagged and @ mentioned Harrods over the Easter weekend, Nathan Rollinson of @therollingsonlondon provided a total combined reach of almost 100K with an average engagement rate of over 2%.

3. Hashtags Left Little Impressions

With 43 total posts, the #HarrodsEaster hashtag reached just over 7M Instagram users through mainly original content over the past month. Significantly less than their Christmas hashtag, which reached a total of over 27M users spread over 455 posts throughout the month of December. This, however, makes total sense because the December Holidays are of epic proportions in comparison to the promise of an egg hunt at the beginning of spring, aka Easter.

On the other hand, the #Harrods hashtag reached over 30M users through almost 15K total posts over the past month, indicating that seasonal hashtags may be a great way to categorize content for future review, but that keeping it simple is the way to go when it comes to tracking brand story or sourcing UGC.

#HarrodsEaster hashtag reach over the past 4 weeks.#HarrodsEaster hashtag reach over the past 4 weeks.

#HarrodsChristmas hashtag reach throughout the month of December 2015.#HarrodsChristmas hashtag reach throughout the month of December 2015.

#Harrods hashtag reach over the past 4 weeks.#Harrods hashtag reach over the past 4 weeks.

4. The Cupcake Trend is Alive and Well

Surprisingly, chocolate wasn't the sweet component on people's minds during this period... While the top posts and highest reaching recent UGC consisted of fresh bouquets, the biggest overall Easter content trend based on engagement occurred around food. More specifically, cupcakes, with engagement rates ranging from 0.60% to over 0.70%.

Hand crafted @fionacairnscakes.

#HarrodsFoodHalls Easter best.

And more featuring @rosalindmillercakes.

What the Harrods Easter engagement rates have demonstrated is that the biggest content trends revolved around fresh flowers and cupcakes, proving some consistency with the sweets treats inclination that was observed over the Christmas season.

While their holiday-specific hashtag helped to narrow things down to follow the pipeline of all things Easter associated to the brand, it's also interesting to note that the majority of their earned content came through in the form of photo and comment tagged posts, which provided a better Easter brand story than the #HarrodsEaster hashtag this time around.

As mentioned above, influencer content typically achieves much stronger engagement than that of brands, which was reinforced with @therollinsonlondon's post. And when this popular type of content is shared by multiple influencers, impressions can sky rocket. Alternatively, carefully selecting one Instagrammer to partner with can also yield a very targeted reach.

In the case of Harrods, whose audience includes the luxurious London crowd, getting a shoutout from an influencer like Nathan proved to be an excellent fit.

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