These Are the Highest Performing Instagram Slideshows of the Week

instagram multiple photos Feb 24, 2017

It's only been a few days since Instagram's latest update went live and people are already hopping on the bandwagon. As they should.

Here are the top performing slideshows on Instagram just a few days post-release.

A slideshow full of memes?! Sign us up.

We've mentioned before that it's very beneficial to experiment with all of Instagram's features, because the algorithm rewards those accounts by boosting their organic reach. It's doubly important for brands who are marketing on the platform, since the goal is to get in front of as many people as possible without paying for playing.

That's one reason to start testing out ways to use the new carousel Instagram update. Another is because it allows brands to stay in front of their followers a little while longer than a regular post, thanks to bundling multiple visuals pertaining to their narrative. This is a great opportunity to draw out your audience's time on your brand journey.

It's one thing to have the most liked Instagram photo (cough, Beyonce, cough), but it's another to be Instagram trending while experimenting with a new functionality. While we've heard mixed things through the grapevine about engagement levels being hit or miss on slideshows —remember, all the images within the post are lumped together and cannot be engaged with as separate visuals— some accounts have really kicked it up a notch and are reaching peak engagement levels with their picture slideshow posts.

While these are not the top Instagram accounts by any means, they've managed to rise ahead of the pack by jumping on the carousel bandwagon early. We took a dive into those top performances to examine exactly who's succeeding, and with what.

1. @lalaland

I meannnn how apropos. The Oscars are a couple of days away and this happens to be the most nominated movie of the year. While the carousel didn't yield as high an engagement rate as their average, it's still the highest engagement of all slideshows we've seen across Instagram in general. Could this be foreshadowing for a big win?

Average engagement rate: 13.84%

Slideshow engagement rate: 9.27%

2. @nyrangers

You're going to notice a sports trend here as we keep going down the list. But when it comes to the Rangers having the second highest engaged-around slideshow on Instagram, we could attribute it to the fact that the hockey season is heating up. Or maybe it's just Lundqvist's smoldering good looks... We'll never really know.

Average engagement rate: 2.57%

Slideshow engagement rate: 3.5%

Some of the best photos from #NYRCasinoNight presented by @empireccasino. Swipe to view them all!

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3. @cubs

Perhaps the miracle from the last World Series brought some life back into the Cubs club? Either way, they're killing in on the 'Gram, slideshow included.

Average engagement rate: 3.28%

Slideshow engagement rate: 2.8%

4. @goddessprovisions

And now for a little sports break, we bring you the Goddess Provisions carousel filled with all LA fun things, proving that this new Instagram slideshow update is very conducive to offering a glimpse into a brand's world and telling a story from start to finish. This holistic wellness subscription box service really took advantage of it, and their multi-photo post crushed their average engagement rate.

Average engagement rate: 1.98%

Slideshow engagement rate: 2.78%

5. @bucks

Aaaaand back to sports. But it's another major league type of activity: basketball (that's where they have nets to throw balls into, right? jk). This multiple-pictures-in-one update is proving to be a huge goldmine for athletic organizations, whose fans never lack zeal.

Average engagement rate: 1.02%

Slideshow engagement rate: 2.66%

Real talk: going down past the top 5 highest engaged-around slideshow posts just reveals more major league sports teams crushing with carousels. They might be onto something. 🤔

It's always a great thing to diversify your Instagram feed, and the slideshow update provides just that. It'll certainly continue to be interesting to examine the different ways in which brands will start appropriating themselves the functionality, and to see how some of them get creative with it. We'll keep monitoring things, you can be certain of that.

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