Pride in a Socially Distant World: How Brands Can Celebrate and Show Their Allyship Online

Jun 29, 2020

2020 has become a year of postponed and cancelled events—which means fewer sponsorship opportunities for brands. With Pride month here, and our favourite rainbow-draped events on pause, brands have found new ways to show their support and allyship for those who have fought, and continue to fight, for equality in the LGBTQ+ community. Using social channels as their main platform, some amazing brands are recognizing the month through representation and education. Here’s how to follow their lead and thoughtfully show your audience what June is celebrating and working toward:

  • Provide a platform for marginalized voices working towards equality.
  • Produce and share educational LGBTQ+ content.
  • Represent every facet of your audience, from house-made creative to partnerships and UGC.


Netflix shows its pride by producing and highlighting LGTBQ+-specific content to educate its massive audience both in-platform and on social. We’re spending so much more time streaming content these days, and Netflix is using this opportunity to bring Pride to the forefront with Disclosure, a new documentary about transgender representation in media. Produced by Laverne Cox, the film takes a look at both past and present transgender roles in media and how they help shape the future for trans people to live openly in the world.


Nickelodeon shocked the world of cartoons and sponges who live under the sea with an Instagram post finally confirming SpongeBob SquarePants is indeed gay. This simple image sent the internet wild with all of the puzzle pieces coming together at last. Through social, one of the most beloved cartoons became a symbol of representation for youth (and the young at heart).


Beauty brands are using social to reinforce the notion that makeup is for everybody, and Morphe Brushes is giving a voice to some up-and-coming artists to reflect that. Chris Li, El Martinez, and JP Grant have become Brand Ambassadors and are showcasing some strong trangender, gay, and non-binary makeup talent. Highlighting young, outspoken voices who are actively partaking in the fight for equality demonstrates the brand’s true allyship.


SquareSpace is sharing stories and interviews on social from some of their queer-identifying customers around the globe. Using the hashtag #ActWithPride, the campaign shines a light on their experiences and how they are pushing forward in an ever-changing climate. They are also highlighting internal team members who have struggled with identifying as LGBTQ+ in the workplace, and noting there needs to be resilience for there to be a revolution when it comes to equality.

Rainbows All Year Round

Even though we can’t gather to celebrate love and progress right now, we can boost voices and organizations trying to shape a better world for the LGBTQ+ community. And why stop there? Brands can consistently take these steps outside of the month of June, and keep pride going 12 months of the year.


Header image: @milk

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