How Dash Hudson Helps Brands Monitor ROI: A SlideShare

instagram Feb 02, 2016

Are you one of those skeptics who think that data could in no way whatsoever be sexy? We are SO excited to be proving your wrong right now.

We know. Analytics can be SUCH a snooze-fest. And worst of all, they can be real ugly, for lack of a better term. It can be a huge drag to sift through all that data presented in an unattractive package, even for the most avid of geeks (ain't no shame!).

The folks here at Dash Hudson noticed this tremendous problem that plagued all data-driven brands and set out to solve it. To make life even more awesome, they included Instagram campaign monitoring tools that remedy to the elusive ROI issue within the functionalities of their marketing platform (aka the fact that it's non-existent).

Here is a short, informative SlideShare demonstrating how granular you can actually get with data when running an influencer campaign.

Investing in Instagram no longer has to be a shot in the dark.

Want to know what else we can do as it relates to ROI? Don't be shy and contact us for a chat!