Down the Rabbit Hole: How LikeShop Multiplies Traffic for Publishers

instagram analytics Mar 28, 2019

Imagine a land where your average CTR from Instagram is 75%...

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Traffic Armageddon

We all know what happened to the so-called “Facebook Publishers” after the infamous News Feed update. Marketers scrambled for new sources of social traffic, and some brands even turned away from social media as a traffic driver altogether, since it became increasingly difficult and expensive to reach followers—never mind new audiences. It’s tough out there, we get it.

But this is the new world. (We see you, Westworld fans). And in this world, social media managers don’t have to change the link in bio every time they post. In this world, a user can access last week’s breaking news. We’re talking about LikeShop, the key to an evergreen Instagram feed.

The User Journey

LikeShop is Dash Hudson’s link in bio solution. The tool allows you to attach URLs to everything you post. When you add a link to a post, it automatically populates on your LikeShop page—a distraction-free replica of your feed—where it lives forever.

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“But having a link in bio adds an extra step for our audience to get from our feed to our website” we hear you say. Yes, it does. But it also creates an extra step on the way back too.💡
Whether we realize it or not, we are all likely guilty of going into the LikeShop abyss and emerging hours later.

Imagine you’re scrolling down your unchronological IG feed when you see a post about your favourite celebrity to snoop on with a “😱 Link in bio” caption. So you tap through to the publisher’s profile and straight to the LikeShop link. This is where you see the same image you saw on the feed, tap the image, and get the scoop. When you’re done reading that article, you tap back (here’s the twist) and where do you end up? Back in the publisher’s LikeShop. Only now, you’re in the mood to read, so you see another image and wonder what content might be behind it, and down the rabbit hole you go. 🐰

Want to know more about the stats? We got you.

Making The Switch

The world’s best publishers are using LikeShop right now to multiply their traffic-driving efforts on Instagram. Audiences are getting used to this journey—they’re even starting to expect it.

The alternative to using LikeShop—changing out the link every time you post—doesn’t bear thinking about. If an avid reader sees something you posted two days ago and wants to read the article, they’d go to your profile and hit the link in bio only to be directed to the page you changed it to this morning. After an experience like this, the chances of them clicking that link again are slim-to-none.

With Dash Hudson, your LikeShop link can live in your bio forever (yes, foreva-eva), and you can add as much content as your audience desires. Once it’s set up, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

This is the new world. Come and join us.

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Elise Ngobi

Senior Brand Strategy Manager UK