Here's How to Seize the Black Friday Opportunity On Social

It's one week away. Are you ready?

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The holiday season unofficially starts around Thanksgiving. But Turkey Day also comes with a side of consumerism, as Black Friday bookends the food fest by unofficially kicking off Christmas shopping. Aka the busiest time of year for retailers, and their opportunity to make the brunt of their sales for the entire calendar period.

While the modern-day idea of Black Friday conjures visions of human stampedes, the social digital era has moved the mayhem from physical brick and mortar locations to mobile and desktop, where transactions are made from the comfort of wherever people have chosen to recover from their food coma. What a time to be alive.

That means that your online Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and also Tuesday, while we're at it) sales can make a huge dent in your Q4 revenue, particularly with an efficient social strategy involving the right call-to-actions that will accelerate selling on Instagram. And the best way to sell online is with Dash Hudson's LikeShop link-in-bio tool that enables brands to leverage Insta to boost sales. The holiday season is ideal for amplifying your tactics through our streamlined solution, especially when considering the influence that social media has on consumer purchases.

'Tis the season.

Break it Down

Social media and sales have not always gone hand in hand, but our LikeShop tool serves as a major traffic driver while also having helped turned Instagram into an important sales channel for retailers looking to harness social media's transactional opportunities. With a well-rounded holiday shopping content strategy that circles back to your Instagram account's link in bio, you'll be able to cash in on social media sales in a significant way.

If we take a look at last year's numbers in the below infographic, it becomes obvious that an online sales strategy supported by our LikeShop tool presents big boosting possibilities for well-crafted native Black Friday ads content.

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Here are a few key observations and takeaways:

  • Thanksgiving week —aka peak deals-on-the-brain time— saw the highest click-through rate of the entire month of November. This is reason enough to motivate you to devise a promotional Instagram shopping strategy for the holiday season.

  • There is clear momentum that builds throughout the week and that culminates on Cyber Tuesday, almost as though repeated exposure helps consumers make up their minds about which sale they'd like to take advantage of. Meaning that your social media holiday promos are buildable. Cha-ching.

  • CTRs kept climbing throughout the first week of December, suggesting a momentum that began with Black Friday announcements and continued to garner hype into the festive month.

  • We analyzed the most clicked on Black Friday-related posts, and they all had one common thread: call-to-actions in the captions that clearly stated the words "Black Friday," "sale," or "deal", while also directing followers to the link in bio. The caption lengths ran the gamut from one sentence to a couple of paragraphs, making that denominator completely arbitrary. It's about straightforward, to-the-point, informative vernacular.

The Humane Society appealing to animal lovers and bargain hunters alike.

Next Steps

Ways to increase sales over the holidays are endless, but if you want to turn Insta into a meaningful revenue conduit, this is the perfect time to do it. We're now in the final week leading up to D-Day and this is where it counts, where your followers will have the information you're broadcasting fresh on the brain, primed for buying.

Here's how to play it this week:

  • Schedule all of your content in advance and incorporate LikeShop links on as many posts as you can to train your audience to intuitively tap your bio link.

  • Announce your sale in a few advance posts to let your followers assimilate the information. Seeing as Instagram is used primarily as a discovery tool when it comes to shopping, repeated exposure to something is important. To increase sales and max out next weekend, priming through reiteration is the name of the game. Just don't overdo it.

  • Engage with your followers through your captions, asking them what's on their wishlist or what they're planning on gifting their loved ones. This tactic will make them think about what they're lusting after and prompt them to visualize a list. One they'll be waiting to cross things off of come Friday (or Monday. Or Tuesday).

  • Test out various CTAs to understand what your followers are most receptive to and nail it on the days that count.

  • Make sure the visuals you post to prompt people to shop are the types of top performers on your account, aka the most appealing content to your followers. Your chances of them clicking through will go up. If you don't know what your best performing content is, you can easily figure it out with a Boards analysis.

Black Friday Birchbox beauty bundle. Has quite a ring to it!

If you've been wondering how to increase online sales this season, Instagram is your answer. With Thanksgiving week kicking off the holiday shopping race, the social sphere is your oyster and the transactions are yours for the taking.

Play it smart and play it well, and reap the revenue. Now, let's eat! 🍗

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