The 4 Easy Ways to Get Beautiful Content for Your Brand's Instagram Feed

instagram Jul 19, 2015

Every digital editor has been there.

Your job is to manage your brand’s Instagram feed, but you got behind and are scrambling for content. The quality of the feed suffers, and engagement goes down. Before you know it, your feed looks so second class.

Panic? Nah. You don't go out like that.

We got you covered. Read on to learn how to ensure you always have beautiful, branded content that engages on Instagram.

Brands live and breathe Instagram. It's their life source, and is the top priority channel for building brand awareness, engaging fans, and converting new customers. A brand lives and dies by the quality of the content in its feed, and can’t risk getting behind on its content schedule. Ask any social media editor how hard it is to stay on top of things.

Here are four ways to keep your feed game tight.

Use That Great Eye of Yours

You have a great eye, and someone on your team probably does too. Make it a point to be active in taking photos and short videos that could work on your brand’s feed. Take shots of the office, behind the scenes at shoots, at the design department, or even of your favorite brunch. Keep shooting, and you will be certain to have a bank of great content to mix into your feed.

Hope you have a 128GB, cuz that iPhone's gonna be bursting with delicious snaps.

@rima_rama has such a killer eye.

Show Love to Your Fans

One of the great things about Instagram is that it gives content creators (bloggers, cool kids, your fans) the ability to tag you in comments and photos. When they wear one of your products and tag you in a post, they’re asking you to check them out, often hoping to be featured on your feed.

While not all user generated content is created equal, there are many diamonds in the rough that you can add to your editorial calendar. Sifting through hashtags is a poor use of time even for an intern, and Instagram does not provide a way to search photo tags or comment mentions.

Dash Hudson to save the day. We created a free monitoring tool to help surface the best content featuring your brand, by bringing you the highest quality photos you've been photo or comment tagged in.

Your fans know how to create beautiful stuff. Via @jaclynwool.

Create and Capture an Adventure

Events and branded adventures are a great way to reward loyal fans, engage influencers, and capture incredible content. Whether it’s a luxurious trip to BVI, a drive up the PCH, or exclusive event at your shop, these provide an opportunity to capture lots of high quality, organic, lifestyle photography that supports your brand.

Protip: add influencers to the mix to amplify the exposure of your adventure.

Revolve's #revolveinthehamptons adventure was drool-worthy. Via @tuulavintage.

Work With Great Influencers

The best way to get high quality, well-composed content for your Instagram feed is to partner with influencers to produce it. The right influencer will create natural, organic content featuring your product, and share it with an audience of potential new customers. You get rights to the content, and you get exposure. Two wins. The cost of working with a team of high quality influencers will certainly be less than your last editorial photo shoot. This data also speaks for itself. ROI, baby.

There are some secrets as to how to do it right, and we can help.

Jenny Tsang is most certainly @tsangtastic.

There you have it. Four ways to create high quality, branded content to build a beautiful Instagram feed. It takes a bit of planning and commitment, but the impact on content quality, follower engagement, and ROI will be significant.


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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson