How to Find the Best Influencers for a Snapchat Takeover

snapchat Jul 29, 2016

This one is for all the marketers who are ready to take their Snapchat endeavors to the next level by tapping a social media influencer to do an account takeover.

It's a little bit more tricky than it appears, so we're sharing the 4 essential things to consider when choosing an influencer to do a Snapchat takeover (Snapover?).

Think of this as another notch on your Snapchat ninja belt.

Took over @glossier's snapchat this morning!! 💕⭐️💘🍒 @ glossier.irl

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Brb, got a Snapchat takeover to do.

"Social is sexy."

"Snapchat is all the rage."

"Influencers will help your business."

AKA thoughts marketers have had on heavy rotation for the past few years. What a time to be alive!

We've covered why companies should be Snapchatting (Snapping?), we've discussed the key metrics that are important to measure once they are onboard the Snapwagon, as well as how to build a following on the platform. Heck, we've even given you rad examples of visionary brands that are writing the rulebook.

Now that we've provided you with a proper lay of the Snapland, it's time to get a bit more granular.

Grow, Grow, Grow Your Boat

You've done your research, you're pretty sure who you like in terms of influential social media stars, and you were ready, like, yesterday to take your brand's Snapchat account to the next level. Who you gonna call? Don't answer that until you've scanned our infographic below!

We're disclosing the 4 essential things that anyone contemplating hiring an influencer for a Snapchat takeover should be taking into consideration prior to entrusting one with the not-as-easy-as-it-looks task.

How to find the best influencers for a Snapchat takeover infographic

Can You Repeat the Question?

No problem.

While our infographic is candy for the brain, it's always good to read the fine print. Here's a deeper dig into every point listed on the visual:

1. Determine If They're On-Brand
It's all well and good to like a particular social media star, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they fit with the image of your company. Look beyond the fact that you personally enjoy their content and past their popularity to really ask yourself: are they truly a good brand fit?

2. Evaluate Their Instagram Account
Instagram is the closest social network to Snapchat in terms of the visual aspect and how the content is consumed - mobile only and in-the-moment. Instagram audience numbers and engagement rates are highly indicative of influence and authenticity, something that is easily determined with Dash Hudson's marketing platform and arsenal of sophisticated tools.

Another reason to look at your prospective hire's Instagram following is because they likely will be relaying the takeover to their followers by announcing it there. The number one reason for doing a takeover is to get access to someone else's audience, so make sure whoever you're enlisting for the job has an important amount of followers, and that they're the kind you want for your company.

3. Check Out Their Personal Snapchat
While some folks may be pros at one thing, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're good at all things. As in, their photos on IG might be spectacular, but their Snapchat videos may fall super flat. Have a viewing party to decide if you like what they Snap, if they're good on camera, if they engage the audience. Do they cross certain lines into inappropriate territory? Dun dun...

4. Think Long Term
Sure, everyone's attention span is regressing nowadays, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have the future in mind when establishing these kinds of partnerships. When commissioning influencers to work with you, assess the longevity potential of those prospective relationships.

It's always blatantly obvious to people when their favorite social stars are promoting brands they don't really care about. On the flip side, they're incredibly drawn to brands being talked about sincerely by who they view as authority figures, and are totally complicit to genuine enthusiasm. That's where you want your company to stand.


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No more excuses: you now have all the knowledge at your disposal. Time to go find an influencer that will crush it and bring you a major biz win!

Let us know how it goes.