How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous: Top Trends for International Dog Day 2020

Aug 26, 2020

Dogs have been “pawpular” on Instagram since day one, posing for the camera and racking up millions of loyal fans in their own right. For International Dog Day 2020, what better way to celebrate than by digging into their social profiles? We surfaced the biggest canine content trends to find out what has fans wagging their digital tails. Discover how to make your dog Instagram famous with these key insights:

  • Images containing multiple dogs of different breeds see higher average engagement than multiple dogs of a single breed
  • Leashes, harnesses, and other pet gear are also highly popular
  • Action and adventure shots get the most likes on average
  • Dogs in clothes saw the highest average engagement for any dog-related trend on Instagram this year

To no one's surprise, dogs are always a hit on Instagram. And what’s better than one cute dog? Many. Cute. Dogs. For lovers of a specific breed (looking at you, Antoni), images with multiple dogs of that breed are proving highly effective. Though some fans may have breed preferences, Instagram users in general believe the more the merrier. From bulldogs to beagles and everything in between, dogfluencers love sharing their platforms with friends of every shape, size, and coat. Photos of two dogs of different breeds saw a +12% increase in average engagement over photos of two dogs of the same breed.

Dogs are people, too—or so they’d like us to believe. Sit, stay, and shake a paw has given way to paddling, hiking, and more. On Instagram, dogs adventuring with their humans is one of the category’s most-liked trends. And if there’s one thing dog owners can’t be without, it’s their pet gear. Leashes and harnesses in a variety of colors and patterns are the must-have accessories for a well-’Grammed walk and have some of the highest engagement of all dog-related posts.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every single dog on this planet has a favorite toy—and it’s no exception on Instagram. Dogs can’t be without their squeaky companions and neither can followers. But, it doesn’t stop there. Instagram users know an accessory is only as good as the outfit it’s complementing, so their pets are dressed to the nines. Dogs in clothing saw the highest average engagement rate of any dog-related Instagram trend this year, at 2.91%. Is it time to rename the catwalk?

Digging for Data

Naturally, we had to dig a little deeper into the world of dog couture. Using the power of AI technology, Dash Hudson’s Visual Trends tool analyzes every aspect of an image to identify the visual content resonating with audiences. We pulled in 100 top dog accounts to gather the trends, then segmented the content with our Boards tool to further crunch the numbers. This gives us a total picture of what photos are driving a trend’s engagement. With this, we uncovered the top three dog fashion trends and which stylish pooches are wearing them.

Pugs Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition

Sunglasses? Check. Mermaid swimsuit? Check. An iconic summer look worthy of a Best Dressed award? Check, check, and check. Molly the pug has left her pawprint on 2020’s summer must-haves. The look garnered +204% higher engagement than the overall average for dog fashion trends.

Dapper Dan

When it comes to putting an outfit together, sometimes less is more. Enzo is looking sharp in a single black bowtie—contrasted with his white fur and we’ve got an ensemble worthy of spaghetti dinner for two. Fans engaged with this post +167% more than the average dressed-up dog.

Seasonal Stripes

Fiorella is already prepping for fall with a striped one-piece in October-ready shades. Followers are loving the high neckline, alternating stripes, and vibrant pumpkin-spice orange. Engagement for this piece is up +159% over the category average.

So Fetch

Now you know that fashion influencers aren’t the only ones with style on Instagram. Our four-legged friends are making a name for themselves in fashion, pulling off everything from swimwear to turtlenecks to minimalist looks. Audiences can’t get enough of our stylish pets posing for their close-up and we can totally get behind it. Looks like the dog days (on Instagram) are never over.

Header image: @itsdougthepug

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