The Checkout Dance: How to Put a Link in Your TikTok Bio

Jul 09, 2020

From the onset of TikTok’s monumental rise, brands have been looking to capitalize on it. The channel’s unique algorithm gives content its best opportunity to be discovered—and maximize brand awareness in the process—but options to monetize these viral video moments are still limited. Want to make your content shoppable? Here’s how to put a link in your TikTok bio that drives audiences directly to your website or product pages:

  • Check your profile settings to see if you have access to the website feature, then click “edit” and add the link
  • Leverage Dash Hudson’s Shoppable TikTok to create a standalone URL you can customize for your TikTok feed
  • Measure your clicks and conversions over time to help streamline and maximize your strategy on the channel


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Set Yourself Up for Success

Not all profiles have access to the link feature just yet—the best place to start is clicking “edit” on your profile and looking for the “website” option. If it’s there, move on to step two. If not, navigate to the top right-hand corner of your profile and click the three dots. Scroll down and select “Join TikTok Tester,” then follow the prompts to gain access to the channel’s beta program for clickable links. Once you have access to that coveted link-in-bio real estate, you can add any link you like from your website to your ecommerce platform, and more. It’s that simple.

Track Your Metrics, Because We “Say So”

To make the most of the space, consider your goals and how your link will help achieve them. With Dash Hudson’s Spirit Galleries, for example, you can leverage all of your posts in a standalone URL and add up to 25 shopping links per image. Your followers can now shop their favorite TikToks faster than you can say Charli D’Amelio. Not only are these posts shoppable, they’re trackable, too. Your Gallery is the gateway to views and clicks, which means you can set and monitor goals for any period of time and best understand the content that drives revenue—all in one place.

As a channel highly focused on trends, tracking results of specially produced influencer and trend content makes it easier to determine areas of opportunity and where to invest for faster payoff. You can even track conversions directly with a quick Google Analytics setup. Honing your strategy now and mastering the rhythm of your TikTok workflow is a great way to save on time and spending in the long run, especially while the channel is still relatively new for marketing purposes and not as fiercely competitive.

how to put a link in your tiktok bio

Classy. Bougie. Clickable.

So, you know how to put a link in your TikTok bio. What impact can clickable content really have? Firstly, it cuts down on the customer journey from discovery to checkout. Instead of tireless Google searches and cross-referencing to find the product they’re looking for, your audience has a seamless way to transition from your content to your website—and fewer steps means fewer sales lost due to customer frustration. Not to mention TikTok’s audience is currently untapped when it comes to shopping. In fact, 1 in 4 TikTok users can’t be found on any other channel. And a fresh revenue stream in today’s digital age is like hitting the lottery.

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Haley Durkee

Content Marketing Manager at Dash Hudson.