In Conversation with Madeline Davis from Youth To The People

in conversation Apr 18, 2019

What do you get when you take the juice craze and combine it with clean beauty? A vegan skincare line formulated from superfoods with sustainability at its core, apparently! We sat down with Madeline Davis, social media manager at the unconventional beauty brand in question, to find out how she communicates Youth To The People’s ethos on Instagram.

You said it. ✊

The aim of Youth To The People is to create skincare for all. That makes Instagram the channel of choice for the beauty brand to tout its inclusive, clean, and better-for-the-world products. And it’s only natural—the network provides a platform for consumers and brands to communicate and connect no matter where, or who you are.

This is the creative and accessible space that social media manager at Youth To The People, Madeline Davis, gets to play in daily. It’s her mission to educate digitally connected consumers about the benefits of Youth to the People products—like natural ingredients you actually know the name of (and you’re probably familiar with from your salad at lunch) like kale, spinach, and prickly pear. Turns out these delicious fruits and veggies actually do wonders for your skin when applied topically, too.

Madeline and her team take a visually visceral approach to presenting the brand’s products by showcasing textures and ingredients, right alongside the modern skincare line’s millennial minimalist-friendly packaging. This makes for a (literal) feast for the eyes, that tends to rake in the double taps, as well as spark conversations in the comment section—and on Instagram Stories.

“Instagram is a discovery tool for us—we’ve seen such success. I think it really helps that our products are based in real ingredients, because people understand it. It’s so simple.”—Madeline Davis, Social Media Manager at Youth To The People

But crafting a successful social strategy isn’t just about cultivating a cool, youthful image. Madeline turns to serious data in Dash Hudson to both refine, and bolster the team’s efforts. At Youth to the People, data and visuals are intrinsically linked. Find out how by pressing play below.👇

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Michaela Atkinson

Senior Marketing Manager @ Dash Hudson