Instagram Analytics Showdown: Iconosquare Review

What's happening everybody?

If you are already familiar with Iconosquare, and are interested in deeper learning about Instagram statistics, don't bother reading below and instead spend some time with The Data Driven Marketer's Guide to Instagram.

The Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to Instagram from Dash Hudson

*At Dash Hudson, we're always thinking about how we can help the smartest marketers, at the best brands, to be better. We've learned so much by studying and working with great brands, that we felt it was time to share some of those insights. *

Measuring Instagram ROI is Difficult, Not Impossible

Instagram is the #1 social marketing priority for marketers, but is a black hole in terms of data. You invest in content, and in growing your audience, but lack the data to measure the ROI of those hard-spent hour$ and dollar$.

Because of the unique challenges of Instagram, there have been few solutions that provide brands with great analytics and insights.

You need access to deep content performance and audience insights, paired with the tools to measure the ROI of your valuable dollars.

It's just so damn hard to get it right.

As Instagram rose in prominence with brands and publishers, a small company out of France named Iconosquare filled the gap. A technology-light solution, Iconosquare provides basic Instagram analytics to a myriad of brands, publishers and individuals.

Iconosquare: A Basic Tool for Intro Marketers

Iconosquare's Basic Capabilities

Iconosquare is great for entry-level marketers and individuals looking for basic statistics like:

  • Instagram follower growth

  • Instagram engagement (likes and comments)

  • Follower gain / loss

  • Most popular media you have posted

  • A list of your followers

  • Basic hashtag monitoring

These statistics are easily accessed from the Instagram platform, and can also be provided to you by a host of web 1.0 social listening tools like Hootsuite.

Gaps in Iconosquare's Capabilities

If you are investing in Instagram (creating content, growing your audience, working with influencers), there are serious gaps in Iconosquare's capabilities that mean you will not be able to accurately measure ROI.

  • Slow data loading

  • No influencer ROI measurement

  • No audience insights (key influencers, key fans)

  • No ability to see photo tags and comment mentions

  • No ability to measure owned and earned (organic) reach

  • No ability to do hashtag research

  • No tools to monetize your feed, schedule or publish

How Dash Hudson Helps Sophisticated Brands and Marketers

We work with incredible marketers at brands like Vanity Fair, Glossier, and Revolve Clothing. They lean on us to get them advanced insights and ROI measurement for what matters.

1. Measure Performance of Your Instagram Feed

We provide deep data on your feed performance and audience, bringing you information on your engagement rates, growth rates, and key audience influencers. See a snapshot of our dashboard below.

A snapshot dashboard showing some killer performance by Everlane.

2. Understand Your Instagram Audience

We surface all of the content in which your brand has been featured by influencers and fans, be it through photo tag, comment mention, or hashtag. We surface the most influential content, and provide metrics on earned / organic reach, as well as performance.

Victoria's Secret's massive organic reach on fashion show night.

3. Measure Instagram ROI

Measuring the ROI of your investments on Instagram (content creation, audience building) is difficult. Dash Hudson provides the solutions to drive new revenue from your Instagram audience, and for measuring the ROI of influencer and ambassador engagements. See how our feature Relationship IQ helps brands like Onia to measure the ROI (and new followers acquired) from their activations.

Oh yes. Instagram influencer ROI.

4. Super Sexy Insta Data Exports

No more pretty pictures, just you and the oh so sexy .csv. Dash Hudson provides access to the raw data on every photo, engagement, and audience member, so you can go deep.

Interested in learning more about how to measure your brand performance and the ROI of your Instagram investment? Hit the buttom below to jump on over to Dash Hudson and enter a world of data envy.

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