How it Works Series #5 - Analytics: Alert Settings

This series of posts explains how core features of the [Dash Hudson Instagram marketing platform]( "target="blank) work, and how you can get the most value out of them. It's learning time ..

Analytics: Alert Settings

Instagram's native notifications are okay, but really they provide too much information. Even worse, if you keep your Instagram notifications on, the barrage will kill your battery life. Not cool. We let you modify alerts through the Dash Hudson platform so that you can find out only when important things, that matter to you, happen.


We let you tailor your alerts to ensure you are only finding out when important things happen. For example: You only want to be notified when someone with over 100k followers mentions you in a post.

To set your alerts, follow the following steps:

  1. Download the Dash Hudson mobile application. Search 'Dash Hudson' in the app store or [click here]( "target="blank) if you are reading this on a mobile device.

  2. Make sure to register for the Dash Hudson app with the same Instagram account you used to register for the Dash Hudson marketing platform. If you're an influencer, register with your Instagram account. If you are a brand, register with the brand account.

  3. When prompted to turn on your push notifications in the Dash Hudson mobile app, accept.

  4. Visit the Alert Settings tab on the Analytics feature, and set your notifications up, as you want them.

Hope you found this useful. If you have questions, comment below or email us.